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>Ulis – Some Wonderful B&W Images

>When time allows I like to indulge my interest in quality photographs. Searching for those that really hit the mark takes time and effort but sometimes I come across a set of images that say something special.

Photographs from Ulis

All these photographs come from the website S/W Fotodesign Ulis

There is something about the simplicity of imagery of these BDSM images that gives them a calm, cool feel.

The suggestiveness of this hand, even without a figurative image spoke volumes on it’s own.

The site contained very little information about the photographer and what there was, was in German, which I cannot read. If anyone knows about this photographer or where more images can be found please do tell.

There are more images on the site and it is well worth a visit. In case you missed it earlier the link is here S/W Fotodesign Ulis

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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