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Daily Archives: September 19, 2008

>Goodbyeeee – Span Co, Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells’ Cause For Paws And Some Other Stuff


Goodbyeeee Span Co

I put out a little request for info about what had happened to this blog last week but alas to no avail. So Span Co has disappeared in a puff of mystery, we can only hope that it was not an enforced deletion. Span Co written by Span King (formally known as Selfspanker) was, as far as I know, unique in the spank blog world as being the only blog written by an exclusive self spanker. It featured Span King’s own play life and other items from around the spanking sphere. Lets wish Spank King well and thank him for the privilege of giving us a glimpse into his life. Good bye Span Co.

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells’ Cause for Paws

As some of you may remember, Last year Ms Wells took part in a charity fund raiser for an animal shelter, illustrated in the photograph above. This year Ms wells is walking in aid of our four legged friends again and has also decided on another way of raising funds for her cause. By donating via a link on her blog you can add to the number of swats she will receive in her fund raising spanking. To add to the fund and the redness of Ms Wells’ posterior follow this link Pixie’s Cause for Paws.

A new widget

The side bar of the blog is a little bare, once you get past the links and stuff. To rectify this I thought I would start a quest to find some widgets, pictures and other things to put in it to decorate the blog a little. This week I added a visitor map, it is at the bottom of the side bar, it came from here

And a LOL cat that I like

This LOL cat came to my attention this week and cracked me up, so I thought that I would share it.


>Thought For The Week

>I dare any spanko out there to read this weeks Thought For The Week and say that it is not true.

A mediocre spanking is still better than a really good day at work