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Daily Archives: September 23, 2008

>Where Is Your Center Of Kink Culture?


Warning interactive post

I have a feeling of dread about this post. Although the stats are better than I ever hoped, when I started this blog and it attracts enough comments, there is one area where there has been a total failure and that is interactive posts, that are about positive things. Even simple polls crash and burn here. So, nailing the colours to the mast, here is a death or glory attempt at getting you readers to impart an opinion about a positive element of your kinky lives.

Where is your favorite kinky location?

THIS POST on Natty’s Spanking Blog was about a pub in Manchester which was not a kinky venue but had an interesting name. In a couple of comments Manchester came in for a bit of criticism. This ruffled my feathers a little because the North West of England is where I spent my student days. I have not been to Manchester for nearly 17 years and so do not know what Manchester is like now but back in the late 80’s it was my center of kinky culture and was an active and wonderful place for that purpose.

The reader assignment

What I am asking of you dear readers is to share with me and the other readers, which town or city you regard as your kink central. It could be for venues, people, facilities or just for special shopping trips. I would like to do this so that we all can share with each other the best places all over the world for a kinkster to visit.

My Kink Center

My choice to travel to, from where I live now, is Antwerp in Belgium. I believe this is a very unsung city for kink culture. Although it is not a huge place it has meeting places, party venues, lots of people offering professional services and a few of the best specialist shops that I have ever been to. IMHO it far better than Brussels and has a good atmosphere to it.

Where do you like to go for your kink culture?

Prefectdt (Praying that people will join in)