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Monthly Archives: October 2008

>Thought For The Week – Halloween Special

>Not so much a Thought For The Week this week more of a special Halloween spanking poem but hopefully it will give you all something to think about.

St. Sorebum’s Ghost Academy

There is a school upon a hill
Its empty now all quiet and still
But walk the halls as midnight chimes
And you’ll hear swish and cries and whines

For Mistress ghouls still stalk its halls
And canes on ghostly buttocks fall
If this old school you walk through
Their spirit forms will thrash you too

So fly away now go real far
By train by plane by bike or car
But though you flee by any means
They’ll catch and cane you in your dreams

[Source – Me]

Happy Halloween


>St Trinians Cartoons And A Little About Their Creator Ronald Searle

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I haven’t had chance to see the St. Trinian’s film that was released last year yet, when I found out that another is planned to be released next year. Interest titillated I did a little surfing and found a lot of cartoons and some info on the creator of St. Trinian’s, I thought I would share both with the readers of this blog.

The creator of St. Trinian’s is Ronald Searle. He was born in 1920 and was of a working class background. He started work, firstly at a packaging company and then as a cartoonist for the Cambridge Daily News, at the age of 15. His jobs funded his art classes.

In 1939 Searle joined the Territorial Army as an Architectural draughtsman but continued drawing cartoons. St Trinian’s was born in 1941 when Lilliput magazine published the first of these cartoons.

Searle was in Singapore in 1941 when it was surrendered to Japanese forces. He spent the rest of the war as a POW and was used as one of the forced labourers, building the Burma Railway. Through all the disease, hardships and brutality of that time Searle continued to draw, both his experiences of the time and cartoons.

After the war Searle approached Lilliput magazine, the following is a remembrance of his visit to their offices.

“He walked into our offices bearing a neat folder containing seventy-two cartoons. They were drawn in faded brown ink, on stained and yellowing paper. Some of them were crumpled. Most of them had survived burial in the jungle undergrowth or under disease-ridden mattresses, where the Japanese would be unwilling to search. Among them were the second and third St Trinian’s drawings. We asked him for more and published them every month for the next three years.”

The “mattresses” mentioned held comrades dying of cholera, one of the few places that the Japanese and Korean guards would not search.

In 1948 “Hurrah for St. Trinian’s” the first St. Trinian’s book was published.

In the 1950’s and 60’s four St. Trinian’s films where made, one more in 1980, one last year and another is due for release next year making a total of seven films.

To find out more about Ronald Searle and his work check out the following links.

Ronald Searle Biography
8: II. Ronald Searle & the St Trinian’s Cartoons
Ronald Searle Art Work – Lithographs and original drawings and paintings by Ronald Searle

I even managed to find a couple of blogs dedicated to Searle you can find them at Ronald Searle Tribute and Ronald Searle Tumblog

As far as I know Ronald Searle is still alive and well and living in France. He is amongst the most influential cartoonists and graphic artists of the Twentieth and Twenty First centuries.


>Blog Calendar – November Page

>October has flown bye and already it is time for the blog calender. As the nights draw in here is a page to fuel some warm winter fantasies. Unless you are reading this blog from the southern hemisphere, if so enjoy Spring.

This artwork was found on a Google image search. The site that it came from does not seem to exist anymore but the image still enlarged. It is signed Hardcastle, I managed to find a page with a little info on him and a few links. The page is Hardcastle – Spanking Art wiki.

If anyone wants to donate a picture or photograph for the calender, the email address is in the sidebar. Any contributions are credited and a link to any relevant blog or website will be included in the post.


>Spanko Pumpkin

>Last year Chloe Elise’s made a post about making a Halloween pumpkin or Jack ‘O’ Lantern. Although the archives on her blog do not go back that far any more, since she moved her blog, I made a comment on that post saying that this year I would make one. Being a man of my word I
I have done just that and made it with a spanko vent. I have always wanted to do one of these, so now I have.

One I did not make earlier

This is not my pumpkin ( I wish it was) but it does illustrate what can be done, when the artisan knows what they are doing. Tootling around the ‘net looking at creations like this, it was tempting to come up with a complicated design but I have never done this before, had no one to tell me how (just some basic instructions from a couple of web sites) and these large round pumpkins just aren’t available where I live and I am a totally unskilled in pumpkin carving. So I decided to try something a little more simple.

My Pumpkin

This is the only type of pumpkin that I could get, so the design would have to be a little smaller than would be ideal. First thing that I did was cut a big hexagonal hole in the top, with the stalk at it’s center, to be used as a handle. then using a spoon I gutted it.

Next I did a very simplified F/f OTK design in pencil and then thickened the lines with a marker pen. This is about 8cm high. I later decided that the bottom in the scene should have a pony tail too, instead of her bunches, that did not seem to show up to well.

Taping the design to the pumpkin, a bodging tool was used to go around the design outline and poke some guide holes into the pumpkin.

Then the design was cut out using just about every small cutting tool that I could lay my hands on.

This is it all lit up.

The design seemed to look alright but it was very small so I used a marker pen to emblazon the word “spanking” across the pumpkin. This looked like being a little tricky to cut by hand so I used my Dremel wannabe specialist mini drill with a small wood bit to drill it out. This worked well but was very messy, there was pumpkin pulp flying everywhere (loved it, great fun).

This was the finished article

And in all its glory in the dark

OK all you Americans out there are probably saying that this is a bit rough and ready but it is my very first ever attempt at doing this and I’m a bit proud of it and am looking forward to doing better next year.


>A Couple Of New Sites For The Side Bar – And An Advice Clip For Banks


Sites for the side bar

One for the resource sites list

Behind Kink – Many thanks to Kate James – for pointing this one out. This is a free site from the good people at This site offers free documentaries of a wide ranging range of subjects. So far I have found instructional videos, event reports, making of documentaries and blooper reels. All the vids that I have seen so far have been very well made and well worth watching. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

A blog for the non spanking/BDSM list

SEXCULTURAS – This is a pleasant site focusing on nude and kinky art works. It covers classical, modern and conceptional art works as well as some everyday items with a nude or kinky vent. The blog is in Spanish so, if like me, you cannot read the text just sit back and enjoy the art.

How to give advice to idiot bankers

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Thought For The Week – And Wear Your Poppy With Pride

>This weeks Thought For The Week has a poetical feel to it. For any ladies reading this, who prefer things to be M/f, if you just change the genders it will work.

A woman may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when spanker swings her cane,
You know she’s on the level.

[Source – converted from a verse by an unknown author]

The Poppy appeal

Just a little reminder, to the people who live in the relevant countries, (It is a pity there isn’t a world wide equivalent of this) that the annual Poppy appeal was launched this week. The troops fought for you so now support them. Further information from The Poppy Appeal – supporting The Royal British Legion and The Royal British Legion – Home.