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Daily Archives: October 18, 2008

>News From Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells – Two New Blogs For The List – Some Stuff For The Side Bar – And A Little Vanilla Rant


[Post update] News from Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells

If you go over to Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells’ blog you will find that she has some very special news for everyone, involving bells, rings and a veil. It is best if she tells you about it herself, just follow the link below.

Two new blogs for the roll

This week there are blogs from two of the UK’s most noted F/m Tops.

The Hunteress’ Domain – I was very exited when I found this blog. It is written by the Hunteress AKA Cassie Hunter, one of the most famous F/m Tops/Dommes in the UK. Ms Hunter is noted as a very strict lady and hails from the North of England. She is moving house at the moment so her posting might not be too regular for a while but reading what her blog contains so far, it looks like it will be worth the wait for new posts.

Strict Miss Kelly – Ms Kelly is a close associate of Ms Hunter and resides in the South East of England. I am most familiar with her work as a Topping model in spanking shoots but I believe she is equally well known for her BDSM work. This is a very interesting blog that covers Ms Kelly’s professional work and some aspects of her life in general.

Some things for the side bar

Spanking Tube – I thought this was included in Fetish tube but looking at the content, it does turn out to be a separate entity and so it has been added to the resource sites list.

Currency Converter – I tend to quote costs on this blog in Euros because that is the currency that I am living with but the Internet is multi national and so I thought that this should be a helpful facility to have on the blog, for those that live with other currencies. The converter is not all inclusive and only covers a few of the major currencies but it should help give an idea of the amounts of money being talked about, for those of you that are living outside the Euro Zone. This comes from Exchange Rates.

Some advice for the financial sector

Unless you have just returned from a ten year space expedition you will be aware of the financial crisis that is griping the world and is going to adversely effect us all. The Bank that I patronize “Went West” a couple of weeks ago and was taken over by the French, next time I go in there, being English, I expect to have a cow thrown in my general direction and be told that my father smelt of elderberries (shortly before being sued by the Monty Python team). Many banks in the larger economies have been effectively nationalized, meaning that lots of you have had to give large amounts of your hard earned tax money to banks so that you can go to the said banks on your knees to beg to borrow your own money back from them and pay them lots of interest. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

Well the financial bods that caused this situation, in the great tradition of “I’m all right jack” seem to have known perfectly well that they where pushing the rest of us off a financial cliff but having the opportunity to stuff their own pockets with plenty of cash, in the form of over bloated bonuses, they thought that it was a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Well I found a photo that offers a sound piece of advice to those with that mentality.