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Daily Archives: October 23, 2008

>Learch Engine Finds

To be honest, it may be a possibility that most people who read this blog, that get here from a search engines, are drunk or worse. So lets see what drew these internet nomads here from the wastelands of cyberspace.

Spanked and wetting womnen – Womnen? Womnen? non of those here, spanked, wetting or otherwise

Footballers wives spanking – it would do some of them some good, me thinks

Spanked by Cherie Lunghi – at last a sensible search

Niki Bacci – Well Dr Frankenstein has been at it again. I wonder which bits he used from each

Headmaster caned knickers – well thats one way for a headmaster to get the dust out of his knickers

Tracy Emit artist – 1/ that is obviously a false statement 2/ how did that get you here?

How to spot a spanked man – by the great big grin on his face

[encrypted] by AOL] – [confused] by PREFECTDT]

Women spanking women and mit flogger – mit flogger? that has given me an idea

Spanked little sister’s wet nylon knickers – wasn’t that a song by The Doors

Well spanking man – he can spank the well as much as he wants but it won’t get the water up

Rapid paddling spanking – paddle harder, I can hear banjo music

Lady spanked men – good lady, have a lady snack

4 wives spank strip – who’s Strip? and why does he have 4 wives

Permanent bondage ankles – the mind boggles

Schoolboy spanking miss – perhaps that should be the other way around

Enjoy, Prefectdt