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>Happy St. Andrews Day – A Fantasy Of Mine – And A Clip


Happy St. Andrews day

Well it’s not the most celebrated of national saints days but I hope all the Scottish kinksters out there have had a good one anyway.

My fantasy – Knotworth’s visit to the Head Master

I am a Head Master at a mixed boarding school. Recently one of the girls from the upper sixth, Knotworth, a tall and good looking 18 year old girl, with long dark hair has been repeatedly getting into trouble, having been bent over my desk four times already this half term, for a dose of rattan correction. This was very puzzling, as up until now she had been a model pupil, hardly ever in trouble and a high academic achiever, then Matron found and read the girl’s diary. Having been caught stealing cakes from the kitchen stores, last night, she waits outside my study door right now. I open the door.
“Knotworth, inside now!” she enters.
“Sit!” I point to a chair placed in the middle of the room, she sits her hands on her knees. I begin to pace around the chair circling her as I speak.
“Last night you stole cakes from the school stores, knotworth, do you deny that?”
“No sir”
“You know the penalty for theft girl?”
“Yes sir. The cane sir”
“Yes girl, there will be a caning.” I continue pacing slowly around her “Knotworth, for your entire time at St Mithrin you have been an exemplary student, I have never had to chastise you once, until this term. Now in four weeks this is your fifth visit to my study. I must say that this was something of a mystery to myself, until that is Matron brought this to my attention.” I cross to my desk and pick up her diary. she recognizes it and almost stands up before checking herself and starts breathing in shallow nervous breaths. The book is opened at the marked page and I read aloud.
“Today I was caned for the first time ever. It was all that I had ever fantasized about, the pain the thrill, all my emotions burst through my body like an electric shock. I can no longer live without this, I must misbehave and feel the sweet sting of the rod as often as possible.”
She is blushing bright red now, her breathing laboured, it was obvious that she was not expecting this. I casually drop the diary in the waist paper basket and resume slowly circling her seated form. I raise my voice.
“Caning is supposed to be a punishment girl, a deterrent! You are not supposed to enjoy it! Well normally a sixth former automatically receives the maximum of twelve strokes for any offense but for you Knotworth, there will be an exception made, there will be 36 strokes of the cane, six times six. Just so that you know that it is a punishment and not a thrill.”
“Yes sir”
She is fighting not to smile, this is obviously good news to her. She would soon find out that it is not the caning that she was expecting.
“Stand up, remove your blazer, put it on the chair and stand by the desk.” She complies. I remove my suit jacket and open the study’s only closet, retrieving the long stout masters cane from it’s interior and approach the desk facing Knotworth.
” There will be 36 strokes of the cane delivered at full force, with no mercy, do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” She was struggling to hold her composure and was shivering in excitement.
“If any stroke is too light it will be repeated. You will count each stroke after it is delivered and apologize for being a thief, do you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
“And from this moment on all the canings that you participate in, in this study will be a minimum of 36 strokes and delivered in this manner, as a deterrent against further poor behavior on your part.”
“Yes sir.” I point towards the end of the desk with the cane.
“Stand there.” She looks puzzled but complies, I hand her the cane, her mouth drops open but she takes it. I face the desk and drop my trousers, retaining my underwear, for the sake of decency and bend over the desk.
“Proceed with the caning Knotworth and make it severe!”
The look of shock and horror on her face is worth a million pounds.
If anyone is going to ENJOY a caning in my study it is going to be me, dammit.

The end

The clip

That is one of my favorite fantasies, it’s origin comes from an old British comedy program, called Ripping Yarns, that featured Michael Palin. The clip below shows the relevant part of the episode. They don’t make em like this any more.

If you want to see the rest of the episode follow THIS LINK and then THIS LINK.


>RPT Is Back – A Couple Of New Links For The Lists – And Two Guys Who Have Earned A Spanking, In A Good Way



Just My Random Perverted Thoughts – is back and with a bang. The blog has been redesigned and the comment box finally works (after a couple of attempts). I’m putting this in the second list for a while because all the old posts have been deleted and the blog needs some time to build up a new archive. Welcome Back RPT and MP.

A new blog for the roll

Wilhelmina Dreams – Written by Mina this blog is a real mix of writing, announcements and a good spread of humorous postings. I’m still raking through the archives but what I have seen of this blog so far is very interesting.

One for the resources list

CollarNcuffs -This is a Femdom BDSM resource site coming from Australia. From what I have seen so far it is a very useful site with many resources, galleries, chatrooms…………the list goes on, this is definitely a must see resource site. Obviously it leans towards kinky life in Australia but anyone looking in from the rest of the world will not be disappointed.

A couple of guys who have earned good boy spankings

This pair of guys made me laugh so much with their little documentary of Pro Street racing in Romania that I just had to post their clip. Perhaps they can get a spanking from one of the girls in their clip. They also have a website that has to be seen to be believed you can find it at Pro-Street Romania.

Hard core Romanian street racing

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Thought For The Week

>This Thought For The Week is probably most relevant to those in a D/s, 24/7, or DD relationship and may be something for such people to ponder.

If a sub refuses to take a nap when they are told to,
are they guilty of resisting a rest?


>Thanksgiving Kinkyness From Spankedhortic – And A Little Musing On Modern Thanksgiving


A message for American readers

And this is how our BDSM cousins prepare their turkey

What kind of meat do you prefer whipped or electrocuted?

Short musing on modern Thanksgiving

Although I do not understand it, Thanks giving is a celebration that thoroughly fascinates me. I’m not talking about the historic side of things, at the end of the day that was just about a bunch of religious nut jobs (lets face it, if the Pilgrim Fathers had been around today it all would have ended with specialist military forces raiding their stronghold whilst CNN provided live coverage) who sat down for a meal with some Native Americans, who’s numbers had been so depleted by diseases imported from Europe, that for the sake of their own survival, decided that it would be a good idea to be on the same side as the guys with all those muskets.

It is the modern celebration of Thanksgiving that catches my interest. Having watched a lot of American sitcom Thanksgiving specials studied the modern celebration extensively, it seems to come down to USA citizens traveling large distances through bad circumstances in order to sit down with their friends and families, eat turkey, moan, whine, bitch and argue with each other.

What did occur to me as a possible answer as to why they do this is that it is an attempt to get all the family whining and bitching out of their systems and get over it, so that they could all get together again a month later and enjoy Christmas, after they are all bitched out.

So I would like to say, to all the USA citizens that patronize this blog, enjoy thanksgiving if you can but if you can’t, get all bitched out so that you can enjoy Christmas.


>Blog Calendar – December Page

>Well December is drawing nigh and it is time for the last Blog Calendar page of 2008. It only seems like a couple of weeks ago that the January page was being posted, time goes by so fast in Blog space.

Blog Calendar – December Page

This months picture is of a nice Christmasy bondage scene (it must have taken some time to balance some of those candles). I found this image at Photojournal which is a blog from Littleone who has her main blog at The Journey. The photograph was accredited to but I could not find this site, it is possible that it has ceased to be. As always the page is proportioned to print off on an A4 sheet of paper in portrait mode (wouldn’t it look nice next to the family Christmas tree?).

If any one wants to donate an image for the 2009 Calendar please send it to alternatively I will just keep using pictures that I find myself. All pictures are accredited and linked to source wherever possible.


>Emergency Snow Post – Fields Of Poppies at Ieper (Ypres) – "Spec"tacular Spanking

>Most Sundays are the only day of the week that I have time to put together a post at leisure but unfortunately today……………….

This happened

and I have commitments when it snows, especially when it happens this early in the winter (or is it still late autumn?), which is totally unexpected in my little corner of the world. So I’ve turned off my phone while some food is cooking in the oven (I’m hungry dammit! I’ve been out most of the day, I am going to eat undisturbed). After the phone gets turned back on I do not know if I will get called out again or not this evening, so food time is the only time I have to throw together a quick post. I have about 20 mins total, including the time that I took to trim the three photos of my own that are used in this post. So if this is a bit rough and ready please except my apologies in advance. It was not the post that I was planning to do today.

November 11th Poppy fields Ieper (Ypres)

I spent most of the 11th of November in the town of Ieper (very often but inaccurately known by the French version of it’s name, Ypres). I did not attend the large commemorative ceremony at the Menin Gate as I prefer smaller more meaningful ceremonies but I did visit the Gate later in the day and was very impressed by the fields of Poppies that had been placed there and thought that I would share a couple of the photos, that I took of them, with your good selves. The Poppies where a fund raising event run by The Royal British Legion, each Poppy had been individually sponsored and volunteers had hand written messages from each of the sponsors on the backs of the paper Poppies.

A little “Spectacular spanking”

Just so that there is some spanking in today’s post.

A couple from Real Life Spankings

Found at The Spanking Spot

Next two from the Hunteress

found at The Hunteress’ Domain

Now schedule post for 10:00 pm and it is time for chow.