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>CAAN Protest – Jennifer Brooks Retiring – Tracy Quan Interview – Two Clips


CAAN protest

Last Sunday saw the CAAN protest, in London, against the extreme porn laws that came into effect in the UK (except Scotland) last Monday. As we all know every single person who turned up represented thousands who could not. There are reports of the protests in the following links.

yes we CAAN
Big brother is watching you masturbate
Extreme porn axe has struck
Goodbye to all that?
Extremely bad law

Jennifer Brooks is retiring

The dauntless star of much spanking material Jennifer Brooks has announced her retirement from public view you can read about it in these posts NewsFlash. Jennifer Brooks is Retiring and Jennifer Brooks retires from her spanking career. I for one would like to wish her luck in whatever she has path she has chosen for her life.

Adele Haze is interviewing Tracy Quan

In this post Ask Tracy Quan a question Adele Haze has announced that she will be interviewing the Author and activist, Tracy Quan and if you contact Ms Haze before the 8th of February you can add a question to the interview.

Spanking on the radio

This was floating around at YouTube. It looks like the lass concerned is enjoying herself 🙂


>Thought For The Week

>This weeks Thought For The Week is a useful line that a Dom(me) might like to file away in their “for later use” mental file, for use when a sub of theirs is a bit too free with their thoughts about the world and life in general.

When I want your opinion,
I’ll beat it out of you.


>Blog Calendar – February Page


Blog calendar February

As we near the end of the first month of the year I am sure we would all agree that it will be good to see the first monthly pay check of 2009 and so it is time for the February page of the blog calendar. Apart from those of you in the southern hemisphere (or the tropics, I suppose) we are all griped by the winters chill, so this months page features a well toasted set of buns, to spread a little warmth into the world. The picture is of Sarah Gregory getting a rump roasting from Chelsea Pfieffer from the Good Spanking site. It was found at The Spanking Spot.

The page is proportioned to fit onto an A4 sized piece of paper, so that you can print one off and give it to your Grandmother, to brighten her February.

If anyone wants to donate a picture for the calendar send it to all pictures will be credited and links provided where possible.


>Webwarper has violated this blog – And Happy (Belated) Australia Day


This blog has been violated by Webwarper

[post update] Aegean from The Official Sound Punishment Blog has this solution for site owners using Linux /Unix, who want to deal with this problem.

If you own your (Linux/Unix based)server you can add a file called “.htaccess” (remember the dot) to the root directory of the site on the server and include in it this statement

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all
[end of post update]

How I feel? – To say that I am angry about this would be an understatement, “Spitting bloody nails” or “get me a shotgun” would be closer to the mark. I will not provide a link to the Webwarper site (I’ll be damned if those toe rags will get traffic from me) but under an address that puts a webwarper text in front of, pages from this blog are being published on the internet with advertisements at the top and the bottom of the page. This is an amateur, non money making blog, I do sometimes provide links to commercial sites and persons providing goods or services but I make no money from doing so and they are either from companies who’s stuff I like or those recommended by others, for example some of the links in the kinky Island Discs posting series. If you see adverts above the header or at the bottom of a page from this blog, they are not recommended by myself nor are they there with my permission, I am making no money from these adverts. Please DO NOT CLICK ON THESE ADDS.

I spent much time (that I could ill afford) last weekend, searching for facts about what was going on and found many “techy” forums discussing this problem, an example of which you can see here other people using my site, so it is a problem for many people. Although most of these forums went off into techy talk that was not understandable to a computer Neanderthal, like myself, it seems that many blog posts and even entire websites are found to have been abused in this way and are getting linked to through search engines like Google.

A WARNING TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS – There is an example of a failed attempt to use Webwarper in this discussion my dad has installed a damned content blocker on my computer [Archive] – TribalWar Forums. But I did come across several examples of how Webwarper had been used by children to bypass less effective web blocking programs and tracking programs to view adult sites. They seem to have best success on school computers, I presume because schools cannot afford the most high end blocking programs. If you are responsible for the use of the internet by children please be aware that Webwarper is only one of dozens of programs available to children to by pass blocking programs.

I’m not sure what I am going to do about this yet, I usually prefer to calm down and think more clearly first. But the mis use of this blog by webwarper is unacceptable and action will be taken.


Australia Day (a bit late)

With Burns night and Chinese new year coming so close together I find myself guilty of overlooking Australia day. I think I’ve earned a spanking (volunteers welcome). Australia day was on the 26th of January, so to all you Aussies out there……..

A Belated Happy Australia Day

Zoe Montana is my favourite Australian spanker

And spankee 🙂

The photos come from Pandora’s Blog and originate from Northern Spanking.


>Burns Night – Chinese New Year


Burns night

Well tonight is the night that all good English men and women stay locked in their homes for fear of being hunted down by the Scots and their snarling packs of hunting haggises. It is Burns night when the Scots celebrate the birth if their national poet Robert Burns. So I thought I would have a little look at the preferred Scottish weapon of Ass destruction.

The Tawse

I found the following account of how the Tawse came to be at this site Lochgelly Tawse. The site also has a set of videos on how a tawse is made.

The True History Of The Lochgelly Tawse
by Margaret J Dick (daughter of John J Dick & granddaughter of George W Dick)

It all started with a saddler called Robert Philp who had a saddlery / Iron mongers shop in Main Street, Lochgelly. The first tawse was made for Robert’s son and daughter who had both become teachers. He supplied them with a belt each and it fitted the bill so well that other teachers wanted them. Prior to this children were soundly beaten using anything from a stick, cane, ruler, slipper or makeshift leather strap often procured from old harness.

And this is a Tawse being used by Miss Stricktland (who I believe is English). The Bad Scotsman at the receiving end is obviously being corrected for the terrible crime of wearing underpants beneath his kilt. (The photo came from Full Force Ladies)

To any Scots out there, enjoy Burns night and please don’t set any vicious haggises on me

Happy Chinese New Year

Unlike most new years this starts on a different date every year, which confuses me greatly. This year it starts on the 26th of January and many people will be celebrating the start of the year of the Ox.

Happy Year of the Ox every body

I wonder if anyone will be celebrating with a traditional Chinese spanking?


>Goobyeeee Our Kinky Blog – New Blog For The Roll – The Spanking zone – Real tears Blog – And A Clip


Goodbyeeee Our Kinky Blog

Our Kinky Blog was supposed to be a joint blog from the writers of Spanking Blog and Spanking Bethie both of which I enjoy greatly. Our Kinky Blog, for whatever reason(s), never really took off and only has a few posts. It has not been updated for over six months and so is being removed from the second blog roll. Fare well Our Kinky Blog.

A new blog for the roll

Radha Sutra – The picture to the left shows some knitted restraints that the blog author made, When I saw another kinky crafter blogging I just had to add the blog to the list. I have not had much of a chance to read many of the posts yet but from what I have read, this blog is about the lives of a BDSM couple and I am looking forward to reading more.

More from the Spanking Zone

Richard Windsor has interviewed Miranda Marx, You can download this interview through the two links here Episode 3 of “The Spanking Zone” with Miranda Marx (Part 1) and Episode 3 of ‘The Spanking Zone’ with Miranda Marx (Part 2). I have only had chance to listen to part one so far but this lady is absolutely fascinating. Audio only recordings are a little overlooked in these times but the great thing about them is that you can listen to them while you are doing other things. Part one of this interview definitely took the sting out of dusting the front room yesterday, I think I will try to load part two onto my MP3 player and listen to it while I’m out cycling tomorrow.

It’s impossible to link Meet Chelsea

Meet Chelsea – Although this link works in a post, I cannot get it to work in the blog roll. I have cut and pasted, copied and pasted and hand typed the address. All of these methods have been tried repeatedly and do not work. However much I want to list this blog (and I very much do want to) it seems impossible, at this time. If any one knows of a way of DIRECTLY linking to this blog, in the blog roll, please let me know.

News from Real Tears

The Real Tears Blog – Although it does not show in the updating thingy there is some re-posting of lost material showing on this blog, so it can be counted as back in action.

An outtake clip

A very funny condom advert has been posted on at least two blogs Here and Here I was tempted to post it myself but thought that many others would be posting it (and I cannot blame them for doing so) and so decided to post one of the outtakes, from this, that were kindly linked on Just My Random Perverted Thoughts. Enjoy.