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>Burns Night – Chinese New Year


Burns night

Well tonight is the night that all good English men and women stay locked in their homes for fear of being hunted down by the Scots and their snarling packs of hunting haggises. It is Burns night when the Scots celebrate the birth if their national poet Robert Burns. So I thought I would have a little look at the preferred Scottish weapon of Ass destruction.

The Tawse

I found the following account of how the Tawse came to be at this site Lochgelly Tawse. The site also has a set of videos on how a tawse is made.

The True History Of The Lochgelly Tawse
by Margaret J Dick (daughter of John J Dick & granddaughter of George W Dick)

It all started with a saddler called Robert Philp who had a saddlery / Iron mongers shop in Main Street, Lochgelly. The first tawse was made for Robert’s son and daughter who had both become teachers. He supplied them with a belt each and it fitted the bill so well that other teachers wanted them. Prior to this children were soundly beaten using anything from a stick, cane, ruler, slipper or makeshift leather strap often procured from old harness.

And this is a Tawse being used by Miss Stricktland (who I believe is English). The Bad Scotsman at the receiving end is obviously being corrected for the terrible crime of wearing underpants beneath his kilt. (The photo came from Full Force Ladies)

To any Scots out there, enjoy Burns night and please don’t set any vicious haggises on me

Happy Chinese New Year

Unlike most new years this starts on a different date every year, which confuses me greatly. This year it starts on the 26th of January and many people will be celebrating the start of the year of the Ox.

Happy Year of the Ox every body

I wonder if anyone will be celebrating with a traditional Chinese spanking?


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  1. >My wife is Scottish and the tawse was usually applied to the hands, not the bottom. The tawse was ‘stored’ under the teachers jacket over his shoulder to keep it warm and supple. She said it hurt like hell across her palms in her schooldays but nowadays she loves it on her bare bottom!

  2. >prefectdt – I believe that hagii are peaceful creatures, and prefer to stay away from hunters. In fact, the annual haggis hunt ended yesterday. You can read more about the haggis here:,Hermione

  3. >Aegean – That’s the first time that I have heard about a Tawse being kept warm like that. I like being tawsed on the hands myself (as well as the bum) but after over 20 years of working with the soil, it tends to be a competition between leather and the living leather of my hands. Nice to hear that your wife has found her preferred impact spot.Hermione – Thanks for finding the correct plural (I thought that it was the Greek based and not the Latin based plural). That site is very amusing by the way.Prefectdt


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