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Blog calendar February

As we near the end of the first month of the year I am sure we would all agree that it will be good to see the first monthly pay check of 2009 and so it is time for the February page of the blog calendar. Apart from those of you in the southern hemisphere (or the tropics, I suppose) we are all griped by the winters chill, so this months page features a well toasted set of buns, to spread a little warmth into the world. The picture is of Sarah Gregory getting a rump roasting from Chelsea Pfieffer from the Good Spanking site. It was found at The Spanking Spot.

The page is proportioned to fit onto an A4 sized piece of paper, so that you can print one off and give it to your Grandmother, to brighten her February.

If anyone wants to donate a picture for the calendar send it to all pictures will be credited and links provided where possible.


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