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Daily Archives: February 3, 2009

>Veronica Bound Versus Chelsea Pfeiffer, Follow Up Post – Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells Upcoming Blogiversary


Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells Blogiversary

Normally I keep this kind of thing for the Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup but as the deadline for this is Saturday, I thought I would slip it in today. In this post Blogiversary Time Approaches Ms Wells has announced that she will have her second blogiversary celebrated with a spanking. The number of swats to be determined by the number of comments left on the post. Only one comment per commenter counts this year. If you want to add a swat pop over to the post Blogiversary Time Approaches and leave a comment.

Follow up post

If you dropped into the comment box of my last post Veronica Bound Versus Chelsea Pfieffer you will have read how Mina of Wilhelmina Dreams wanted to know where the F/m photos where. I would like to see some F/m photos of Chelsea Pfeiffer and Veronica Bound myself. So I set off on an Internet quest to find F/m images of the two ladies.

For Chelsea Pfeiffer I had a little,limited success

The above images came from Clare Spanks Men

For Veronica Bound there were no F/m images to be found anywhere, that I could find but I did find a short clip. The video is about Ms Bound’s activities as a real life educator. The interviewer isn’t the most skilled at his craft but it is still worth a peek.

Veronica Bound in Darren’s Basement

If Ms Bound teaches lessons about spanking, I wonder if she would appreciate me offering my old hide as a teaching/demonstration aid for practical demonstrations to the class 🙂