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Daily Archives: February 7, 2009

>Nathan Fillian (Captain Malcolm Reynolds)Does Porn -A New Blog For The Roll – A New Resource Site – Parents Earn A Snow Spanking – A Cartoon


A new blog for the list

About Spanking – This is another blog from Todd and Suzy of American Spanking Society. If you are in a hurry but still need an Internet spanking fix, this is the blog for you. Frequently updated, the posts in this blog tend to be a nice spanking or spank related photograph and a quick line or two to accompany it.

Something new for the resource sites list

Melon Farmers Censorship Watch and The Melon Farmers’ Censorship Watch are the UK and international version of a website that passes on information about censors and censorship. Definitely a site to check out regularly.

Something from All Things Spanking

All Things Spanking had a cartoon posted on it. It is not a spanking thing but it is so funny it has to be seen, follow this link Not spanking, but cute.

Parents earn a spanking over snow

Now those of you in colder parts of the world might be wondering why the UK and other parts of Northern Europe are making such a big deal about a little bit of snow but , warmed by ocean currents, most of the winters around here are just damp, drab and dreary. On the odd occasion that we get some real snow many schools close for “snow days”. These days hold some of the fondest memories of my childhood and our parents told us to go and enjoy them and never complained at all. In the UK some miserable gits are whining that “snow days” should be ended, as this news article shows Closing schools ‘gives wrong message’ – Times Online. How someone could even think of robbing a child of such wonderful and infrequent experiences is unbelievable. All parents who have moaned about “snow days” have found to be guilty of having an unnecessarily negative attitude to giving your children joyful memories to take with them into their adult lives. This has brought out my, seldom seen, toppy side, you will all report to my study at 9:00 am prompt, on Monday and don’t plan on doing much sitting for at least a week.

Nathan Fillion appears in porn video

Nathan Fillion, AKA Captain Malcolm Reynolds, from the sci fi series “Firefly”, has made a porn flick. It is posted below. O! the shock of it.

Hope you all had a good laugh at that. It comes from this site James Gunn’s PG Porn that specializing in making clips for people who love everything about porn except the sex.