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Daily Archives: February 8, 2009

>Sisters Of Epione And The Temples Of The Algea – A Lottery Winning Fantasy

Every week I tootle off down to a local shop and put my numbers down for the Euro Millions lottery. I have no illusions that I will ever win the big one but that two Euros buys a lot of fantasies about what I would do with all that filthy lucre, if I ever did win it big. One of those fantasies is starting my own spanking pay site, something I would never do in my life as it is now, as I know nothing about video production or Internet commerce and am very proud of my Neanderthal attitude towards computers. But if there were oodles of millions at my finger tips, I could hire people in to take care of all that and run it as a rich boys hobby. This post is about my fantasy spanking site, that is called……………….

The Sisters of Epione and the Temples of The Algea

Yep really pretentious, I know but it is my fantasy and I can make it as pretentious as I like. Basically it would be a site having both F/f and F/m spanking material. The premise is that Two groups of underground female religious sects have to perform acts of corporal punishment on both men and women, as part of their worship. The Goddesses in question have been around throughout human history and in all cultures, although they have been known by many different names they have come to be known by the names given them in Greek mythology. The site would be split into two halves, one for the good gals and one for the bad gals.

The Sisters of Epione
(The good gals)

Epione is the Goddess who wonders the world relieving man kind (the sick and the injured and people like that) of pain but that pain does not disappear and is stored up by Epione. Epione can only store so much pain, so in order to help Epione carry on her work, her worshipers have to seek out volunteers to pass the pain on to. The priestesses (The Sisters of Epione) work individually or in small groups, constantly seeking out spanking and BDSM bottoms and subs all over the world to take part in their religious rights where the excess pain of Epione is passed on to these volunteers (and they have to contentiously volunteer) with spankings, canings, whippings and other forms of corporal punishment.

The Temples of The Algea
(The bad gals)

The Algea are three Goddesses, Algos, Akhos and Lupa, who are responsible for bringing pain, sorrow, distress and trouble into the world. To them pain is power, they collect it to make themselves more powerful. The priestesses of this sect are a little “Witch like”, they have powers like instant hypnosis and the ability of amazing deception. The worshipers of The Algea kidnap, trick and blackmail their victims and take them to under ground temples, all over the world. In robed ceremonies, their victims are tied down, naked, on the alters of sacrifice where they are beaten and abused, to extract the pain that gives the three Goddesses form and power.

Throughout history

The beauty of the two in one set up is that it has been occurring throughout history. and so the clips can be set in any time or place. This opens up the possibility of a huge amount of costumed CP play at any time in human existence, from the cave dwelling stone age right into the sci fi world of the future (my Gods, this had better be a bloody big Lotto win).

The choice

This would be an ethically run site, with all performers, be they Tops, bottoms, Dommes or subs would be equally paid. When performers are invited to make material for this site they would be offered a choice. They would be asked if they preferred to shoot material for The Sisters of Epione or The Temples of The Algea.

Which would you choose, the goodies or the baddies?

Images in this post came from pain4fem and Spanked Hubby


[A note about this post – To Ludwig or anyone else who has some knowledge of history, I am well aware that both Epione and The Algea are not accurately depicted in this post, nor where they ever worshiped in this manner. This post is about fantasy and not historical or mythological accuracy]