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Daily Archives: February 12, 2009

>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Gillian Anderson


Suggestions welcome

Many of you may be following the Should Be Spanker – 2009 competition on American Spanking Society where you can vote for male celebrities with spanking potential (I put Richard Hammond as a potential spanker, for any ladies out there who would like to be spanked by the Hamster, I think there is still time to vote). Women celebrities are not allowed in this competition. Although I have no intention of running a competition, if you know of a female celebrity with spanker potential, suggestions for this series of posts are welcome, in the comments box or emailed to .

Women who should be spankers
Gillian Anderson

Any human liver eating alien, worth their dutronium 9 ration, should be dying to be hunted down and spanked by Ms Anderson. With her cool, mannerisms, sexy lisp and striking red haired looks, who could think of a better woman to deliver an F/x files spanking. The only question is would she use some top secret spanking implement, made from especially “ouchy”
alien materials, that is stored in a top secret government facility or her old flip flops, that have been for auction on ebay recently (last bid I saw was over $200US).

And looking at her in those specs, I think we may all agree that it is time to tell the world that all spankos are aliens. Thats right, we landed here generations ago, since when we have been trying to gather enough spank energy to fuel our space craft and get us back home to our home planet. So if you would like to help us get back home, Ms Anderson, you can by coming and giving my old hide the damn good thrashing that it deserves 🙂

Born Gillian Leigh Anderson in Chicago in 1968, she grew up in Puerto Rico and London England, before moving back to the USA (Michigan) aged 10. Ms Anderson became involved in the Punk scene whilst at high school and was arrested for “Breaking and Entering” on her graduation night. After obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from De Pauls University, Goodman Theatre, Gillian Anderson moved to New York and appeared in some plays. After moving to Los Angeles, to pursue a career in films, she got the part of Dana Scully in the X Files in 1993, since when she has enjoyed a wide and varied career in both TV and films. Ms Anderson has been married twice (the first time on New Years Day 1994, on the 17th hole of a golf course, officiated by a Buddhist monk) and has a daughter. Amongst her many awards she has an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

For more information please visit The Official Gillian Anderson Website.