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Daily Archives: February 14, 2009

>No Valentines Day – Paddle Master Products – Blogiversary Spanking – Virus Warning – And A Man Earning A Spanking In The Kitchen


Valentines Day free zone

As I explained in this post, Valentines Day Scrooge, last year, I hate valentines day. This blog is officially declared a valentines day free zone. I intend to spend the day shut in my house watching old war films.
Paddle Master closed for business

As has been reported on a few blogs, Paddle Master Products has closed it’s doors to new orders. Hopefully this is a temporary close down. This was as a result of the present financial crisis that was caused by the senior WBankers, you know the ones that can barely waddle down the street because of the millions that they stuffed into their trousers (pants) before leaving the rest of us up to our necks in the mess that they created. I have never had the pleasure (or pain) of being on the receiving end of one of these paddles, lets hope that this company is able to resume trading soon so that more of us can experience their products.

A blogiversary spanking

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells has celebrated her 2nd blogiversary by posting a clip of a 126 swat (I counted 127) spanking from her husband. You can see the clip in this post Second Year Blogiversary Spanking.
Virus Warning

Just when the computer world thought that “worm” viruses where a thing from history, a new one has been spread around the world, it is called the Conficker or Downadup worm. It has been around since October and reports estimate that anything from three to twelve million computers have already been infected. One of the first things that it does is turn off the Microsoft automatic updater, so if (like me) you set the updater and then just let the computer worry about that, it may be a good idea to pop over to the Microsoft security up date site and make sure you are up to date. Microsoft have a patch for this virus. I have no idea if security updates from companies like Norton or McAffee can be effected. The money making part of this virus has not been activated yet but it is said to be able to read secure details like credit card numbers and passwords and is highly associated with countries (Russia, Argentina, China, countries like that) that have a high rate of internet piracy, so site owners keep an eye on your content. As well as via the Internet, the virus can also be spread via USB storage devices like external hard drives and MP3 players. Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward to anyone who can help track down the perpetrators of this virus. You can read more HERE and HERE.

How a guy can earn a spanking in the kitchen

And I wouldn’t mind a spanking from this lass myself, she has got a seriously hot ass.

Yes that was a bad pun I can hear you groaning from here 🙂