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Daily Archives: February 15, 2009

>Happy Lupercalia

>As a note before I start, I have been planning this post for a couple of weeks but was a bit surprised to find that pole position for this posting theme had been taken by Todd and Suzy over at The American Spanking Society when they posted on Friday along a similar theme although in a different way. The more the merrier, IMHO, so if you missed their post you may want to follow this link Spanking and Saint Valentine’s Day.

St. bloody Valentines day

This was an attempt by the church to kill off an old Roman celebration by celebrating a saints day on the 14th of February and the purification of The Virgin Mary on the 15th of February. Well the purification never really took of but unfortunately the saints day did. As you may have noticed, I am not a great fan of Valentines day, so I thought I would post about the Roman celebration and propose a new kinky celebration. You will please note that I deliberately posted this after Valentines day as to not put a downer on anyone celebrating that day.

The old Roman celebrations

The tradition actually pre dates the Romans, it started off in the middle east as the festival of Moloch or Ba’al before migrating to Greece where it was the festival of Lykaia at the start of May before transferring countries and dates again.

The Lupercalia was the Roman celebration. It started on the 13th of February with the festival of Lupercus, the protective god of shepherds, and finished on the 15th with a celebration of Lupa, the she wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus. In between the
gods Faunus and Inuus were also celebrated. It was mainly lead by the Luperci (the priests of Lupercus) who sacrificed two goats and a dog and then made thongs from the skins of their victims and paraded around the old city walls,dressed in goat skins, whipping all the people who had turned out to celebrate. It was meant to avert evil spirits, purify the city, promote health and was of particular interest to young women wanting babies as it was supposed to promote fertility and reduce the pain of childbirth.

The modern Lupercalia

All modern celebrations have been changed from their original form and this is a good thing (like who wants to wait till January 6th for their Christmas present, the way it was supposed to be). These are my proposals for the modern Lupercalia.

15th February – One day is enough and the 15th can compete with but not clash with the hated Valentines day.

Non religious – Let everyone join in no matter what their faith, this is also a good excuse for not having the animal sacrifices.

The celebration – Everyone gets dressed up in costume either kinky or just fancy dress. Tops/Dom(mes) put a rope or a lead on their bottoms/subs and lead them around the streets (or indoor shopping malls in the colder areas of the northern hemisphere) stopping occasionally to give them a bit of a whupping. Unattached bottoms and subs wonder around with their chosen weapon of ass destruction looking for single Tops/Dom(mes) and getting them to whup them. The more whuppings that you get/give, the luckier the coming year will be. And a good time will be had by all.

Commercial potential

Apart from the chocolate goodies already available, just think of the possibilities for praline floggers, marzipan tawses and all the other chocolate toys we could be stuffing our faces with. Of coarse we would have to have some dead tasty Lupercalia cakes,

And of coarse there will have to be cards and cuddly Lupercalia toys. If it took off, in 50 years people would be saying “St. Valentine? Who was he then?”

It will probably never happen, except on this blog. You will never find St.Valentines day celebrated here but I would like to say……….

Happy Lupercalia