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>Meme time


OK that has me convinced!

I found this one one at Dante’s Paradiso in this post Baring My Soul For HNT. His answers had me rolling in the isles, I had to do this one. There is the start of a statement (shown here in green) and then you just finish the statement in your own way.

Here is my effort

My mother once: – Told me there would be days like these but she never said there would be this many
Never in my life: – Have I not deserved a good thrashing
When I was three: – Unbeknown to my parents, I could already read and they had no idea what I was picking up from the newspaper headlines
I will never forget: – Checking above my head for an open parachute and seeing nothing but farmers fields from on high
Once I met: – Don’t get me started, it makes me look like I am showing off
There’s this girl I know: – Whose hand spanking is more painful than a skin breaking caning
You know I like you if: – I lower the shot gun
Take my advice, never: – Look under your bed at midnight
Once at a bar: – I got groped by six women, not one of them under the age of 70 years
By noon, I’m usually: – Dog tired and covered in crap, if it’s a work day
Next time I go to church: – I’ll remember to put clothes on this time
What worries me most: – Is the glowing green stuff under the fridge
If I ever go back to school: – It will be staffed by good looking female teachers, armed with canes, tawses, straps and slippers who all want to beat me into next week on a daily basis 🙂
What I miss most about the 1980s is: – having a full head of hair
If I were a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: – The worst actor on the stage
I have a hard time understanding: – relative time/space interface distortion theory and football (soccer)
My ideal breakfast is: – A small cigar in bed
If you visit my hometown, I suggest you: – Don’t stray off the path!
My favorite blonds are: – The ones with a strong arm and a no nonsense attitude
High school was: – A state Comprehensive
If I do anything well, it’s: Something that gets me spanked
A better name for me would be: – The accused
Why won’t people: – Stop spitting at me?
The world could do without: – Another world crashing into it
Last night: – We three met again *sounds of hags cackling*
If I only had: 36 hours in every day 8 days a week
And by the way: – while you where reading this, the soup boiled over, the cat threw up in your slippers and your garden shed burnt down

There is no tagging for this one but feel free to have a go.


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  1. >Hahahaha. That was great. I really coulda done without this one though “Take my advice, never: – Look under your bed at midnight.”I’m going to start sleeping with the light on!

  2. >It’s a fun meme, thanks for finding it. It was fun to do and it is fun reading what other people do with it.Prefectdt

  3. >That picture assures me that your blog will be filled with memes!”I will never forget…” OMG that one is scary.”Next time I go to church…” exactly where and what do you worship? A fun meme!hugs,Hermione

  4. >Hermione the “I will never forget” bit happened during my second (and definitely last) parachute jump. Being terrified of heights I left the plane with my eyes shut. After opening my eyes to check the shoot, the training kicked in and my hands and eyes went towards the cutaway and reserve shoot toggles. Then I saw the most beautiful sight of my life, a fully open and functioning parachute, with my foot caught in one of the cords. A quick wiggle and I was the right way up. I still shiver when I remember opening my eyes though.I worship the goddess Annoyia (see the books of Terry Pratchett).Prefectdt


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