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>Thought For The Week

>This weeks Thought For The Week is a little advice for all the brats out there.

As long as you’re going to get spanked for bratting anyway


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  1. >Absolutely! Though every now then I do brat a little too big and get a bit more than I was expecting. :-O

  2. >All that can be said to that is, well done keep up the good work Natty :-)Prefectdt

  3. >Hey, look at this place, like the new digs.HugsMina

  4. >Thanks Mina, I had a bit of a problem with the template and thought that while I was fixing it a rethink on the colour scheme was a bit overdue.Prefectdt

  5. >Ha! Great quote! And I like the new colors on your blog!Love,radha

  6. >Thanks Radha, the white background was starting to feel a little glarey.Prefecydt


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