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Goodbyeeee Spanking Abby

Spanking Abby is the blog of Mr Williams the significant other of Abby Williams who runs the blog The Little Red Schoolhouse. It is a shame to lose one blog from a blogging couple but this was an infrequently updated blog and has not been posted on now for a little over six months . Lets hope we hear more of the tales of Abby and Mr Williams on Abby’s blog. Good luck Mr Williams and fare well the blog Spanking Abby.

A new toy will be born

Not tomorrow but next week on Sunday 1st of March a new series of posts will start in the Toys are born genre. I have been planning this for some time and am hopeful that this one will work out, it is my most ambitious toy creation project yet. It is not going to be announced what it is yet but the name of the toy will be “SALI mk1” (pronounced Sally mark one). Are you all curious yet?

Going green

As you may have noticed the colour scheme of this blog has altered. Not sure why but all the posts on this blog disappeared, after an initial panic, it was found to be a problem with the template. Reseting the template resolved this problem but all the colour options had reset to standard. While restoring the colours it seemed to be a good idea to give the blog a new colour scheme. Comments and opinions on the colour scheme and any problems reading texts or anything else are welcome.

Two new blogs for the roll

A Spanking Good Time
Dante’s Paradiso – These two blogs written by Dante d’Amore and Tiggr D’Amore are from a spanko couple recently returned to spank blogging. Both blogs are very interesting and often full of good humour.

Ludwig’s travels
Ludwig of LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST has traveled to Budapest to shoot with Mood Pictures and has decided to blog about his experience. As this is the first time someone from Western Europe has shot with this company it makes very interesting reading. There is also an interview with one of the female models who has worked with Mood Pictures more than once. You can read the first two posts of the series through the following links The Hungarian Hostel and Hostel II: The Revelations of Guard #3.

Lesbian spank inferno

This is from the British comedy series “Coupling”. Someone must have posted this before but I have not seen it around the kinky blogs. It is a dinner table discussion about the fictitious spanking movie “Lesbian Spanking Inferno” It is very funny and a few things said have a ring of truth about them.


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  1. >SALI…hmmm.Spanked Arse Lined Indelibly.Can’t wait to see what you are working on. You know most men spend their weekends working on their cars, fixing things around the house so it is good to see you putting your creative skills to better use. Good luck.HugsMina

  2. >Nice guess but no where near right.I do my best to find any excuse not to do the cleaning Mina :-)Prefectdt

  3. >I agree it’s too bad to see Mr Williams go, but their commercial site has also been taken down, so no more publicly-viewable spankings, I guess. Too bad Abby herself rarely posts anymore. I want to read the second part of the story she started over 2 months ago.Hugs,Hermione

  4. >As far as I am aware the commercial site is still operating, although no new clips have been added for several months. It can’t be easy selling pay per clip, clips when membership sites offer so much better value for money.I’ve been looking forward to the second part of that story as well. I do hope that Abby hasn’t given up on her blog.Prefectdt

  5. >I can’t say that I prefer the white or the green colour… The new one is okay, I guess. What really keeps me coming back to your blog is your writing, which is never less than interesting.Thank you for the link. The third and final part of my travel report, and the film, should be out soon.

  6. >Thanks for the complement Ludwig. I am waiting with baited breath for the last part of your account.Prefectdt


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