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Daily Archives: February 22, 2009

>A slave In Time – A Book Review


A Slave In Time
by Josephine Scott
Published by Silver Moon Books / Shadowline Publishing Ltd 2006

What is this book about

This book is about the adventures of Abigail Brandon, who has come into possession of a mirror that is able to transport her through time. She is able to visit any period in history that she has the appropriate costume for, from the time of the English Civil War right up until the 1960’s. At first she uses the mirror to satisfy her sexual desires, being a total sex hound in the past, whilst retaining a whiter than white reputation in the present, where she has the nick name of “Sister Abby” amongst her friends. Then on one adventure she experiences the bitter sweet sting of a birching and from then on her adventures go down an even kinkier path. All the Adult corporal punishment scenes in this book are M/f in nature.

What I liked about this book

Pure fantasy – This book was written in a total fantasy scenario which gave it the freedom to explore situations, that are totally unfeasible in real life, without seeming stupid within the confines of the pages of this novel. It is a fantasy base for people who want to escape the wearies of real life for a while, within erotic spanking literature. And it did add fuel to the fire of my own fantasies, although I tended to drift off into F/m dream clouds.

Historic settings – The varying historic settings did allow a lot of variety to the kinds of people that the main character encountered. They dressed differently, acted differently and spanked differently from one historic setting to the next.

Variety of eroticism – Not all of the encounters include spanking, some are purely sexual scenes. The spanking scenes are mostly one on one encounters but there is a group play. The mood of the erotica has great range, from one period to the next.

What I did not like about this book

This book could not be described as “un put downable”. It does not have the kind of literary depth that drags you in and keeps you turning to the next page, even though you know that you will miss your train. I don’t think that this is a major fault but if you are looking for a gripping read this is not the book for you. This is a book for someone looking for a light erotic spanking novel.


Would I recommend this book? – For anyone looking for a light fantasy escape from real life, yes I would. For anyone looking for a deep involving read no I would not. This is a book for those that want a read that they can pick up and put down at their convenience. At the time that I read it, it fitted in well with a busy schedule, that only allowed the reading of a few chapters at a time, it was excellently suited to that. It is not the type of book that you spend an entire afternoon reading in one go.

The Acid test – Would I buy another book by Josephine Scott? Yes I would but I would not go out of my way to do so. I bought this book from the top shelf selection of a vanilla bookshop and the next time I am the same situation, I will have an eye open for Ms Scott’s other works but I am in no great rush to get another straight away. This type of writing is the type that I like to have tucked to one side, for those times in life that are too busy or involved for anything heavier or more gripping.

Available as a downloadable ebook from – Shadowline Publishing Ltd – eBook – A Slave in Time

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