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>The Worthy Vanilla Cup – The Heresiarch:


The Heresiarch

Having only two of these awarded before it was a bit of a surprise when a note from Dr Malford (my totally fictitious Head Mistress) stated that she had decided that it was to be awarded again.
After reading who it was to be awarded to though, it was quite understandable why it was to be awarded once more.

The recipient is The Heresiarch, the anonymous author of the blogs Heresy Corner and Heresiarch’s Dungeon (you can find more details at Heresy Corner (FAQ) ). Although I do not agree with all of his (he could be a she but the illustration at the top of the blogs looks masculine, so he it is, until proven otherwise) points of view or the way he writes, I find that here is a vanilla who has taken a decent investigative stance whilst looking into our world. He (or She) did not come with preconceived ideas about us and then “cherry picked” items of information, about us and the way we play but took a deep breath, dived in and found out about us before passing judgment. It is unlikely that he (she) will ever totally understand us but then I do not totally understand people who have a balloon fetish but I would not criticize their fetish and am happy that they enjoy it and the Heresiarch has taken a similar stance to us. If only there where more people in the world who would investigate, rather than presume.

I highly recommend that you read the articles Everything I’ve Learned about Spanking, Extremely bad law, and Going to Extremes. More recently Pandora Blake, as was posted about in THIS POST, has guest posted on one of the blogs in this post, A view from the bottom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tops and Bottoms, Dom(mes) and Subs please give a big round of applause to The Heresiarch, a truly Worthy Vanilla.


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  1. >By the way – i have been meaning to tell you… i have been reading Pandora Blake’s blog.. and as you predicted – i am enjoying it.. Thanks for the heads up :)morningstar (owned by Warren)

  2. >Glad to hear that Morningstar, I suspected that you would like her writing. Thanks for recommending “Male Submission Art” there are some great images on there and I am going to use one for next months calendar page.Prefectdt

  3. >This is a really nice kudos! I’ll be sure to stop by once I’m feeling better…

  4. >Thanks Tiggs, hope that you start feeling better soon.Prefectdt

  5. >Hi morningstar! Really glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂


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