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Daily Archives: February 27, 2009

>News From Pandora Blake – A New Blog For The Non Spanking /BDSM List – And Celebrating St. David’s Day

A bit of a quiet Blog Stuff Roundup this week but not every week will be buzzing with blog news, some weeks it is hard to fit everything in, life is just like that first busy and then slow. I hope you all find this useful anyway.

A new blog for the non spanking/BDSM roll

Heresy Corner – Featured in a post earlier this week, this is the blog of a news and political commentator. I first started reading this blog when it started showing posts on things spanking but have now found myself being a regular reader of other postings and have found it to be a well balanced view of what is happening in the world from the perspective of a UK resident and so it has been decided to put it in the third blog roll. As a side note this blog has recently been nominated for the The Orwell Prize.
Over on Pandora Blake’s blog

Two things of interest have recently been posted on this blog. Firstly the new film from Pain4Fem, featuring Pandora Blake and Amy Hunter has been announced in this post
Strict Prison 4 – preview. Secondly Ms Blake has been experimenting with making F/m material as can be seen in this post Introducing Jimmy. This I find very exciting, it is about time someone started taking a fresh look into this side of things.

SALI mk1

Just thought that I would remind everyone that I will be starting a new postings series in the Toys are born genre. It should be going on the blog sometime during the evening (Central European Time) on Sunday, then you can find out what SALI mk1 is planned to be.

Have a St. David’s day spanking

A day early, I know, but I will not be posting until the evening tomorrow and so to all the Welsh kinksters out there have a great national day. There is no traditional Welsh spanking implement (that I know of) but since about the 17th century (I think) it has been a tradition, in Wales to give your loved one a carved “Love Spoon”. Well why not give that love spoon on the bum as a traditional Welsh pervertable. For those of you who are not aware of what a Welsh love spoon is I have posted a selection of them below but one of them does look more like a love paddle to me.

N0te:- the staff at Spankedhortic are in no way responsible for any sheep jokes left in the comments box.


>Thought For The Week

>The Thought For The Week this week is by way of being a piece of advice for those who find themselves in a failed attempt at bratting.

If at first you don’t succeed,
destroy all evidence that you even tried.