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>Playing With Mistress Eva, A BDSM Experience – Part One



Confidentiality – When I play with someone, a fellow enthusiast or a payed professional, I always respect the level of privacy that they set. On this meeting I was forbidden to take photographs of either Mistress Eva or her premises of work but I was given full and direct permission to write, about the play that we enjoyed, on this blog. I do not want people thinking, that if they play with me, I will run straight to my computer and publicize the occurrence. If someone requires confidence of me I will keep my hands off my keyboard and my mouth shut, if asked to.

Accuracy – I will attempt to keep this account of events as accurate as possible but as any bottom or sub will tell you, once your mind has entered sub space, recollections of events can be a bit fuzzy and swayed by the inner emotions that you felt at the time and may not be 100% on the nail.

That Saturday

It was Saturday 28th of March, having recovered from the post Christmas financial slump there was some cash in the fun budget, I had an afternoon free and not having played since the beginning of January, I was feeling very pain slutty. The combination of these factors flipped my switches and I decided it was time to go and get my old hide thoroughly whupped.


I jumped on a train and headed for Antwerp, my favourite playground. This had been an, on the day decision, and I did not have chance to make an appointment with anyone and so I decided to head for Antwerp’s red light district, near the river. The red light district in Antwerp is a lot smaller than but similar to the red light district in Amsterdam with Girls working from windows. Amongst the girls offering the usual services there are also SM and BDSM Mistresses offering, walk in with no pre arrangement, services.

Meeting Mistress Eva

I will admit that I was hoping to find one of two ladies that I had played with before, one a German and the other Polish but the problem with walk in service is that the Mistress that you want may not be available, neither of the two ladies where available that day and so I started looking around for an alternative. After wondering around for a while I spotted, sitting in a window with a sign offering SM, a tall, elegant looking lady, in knee high boots a leather bodice, her long hair pulled back into a long pony tail, in short someone who gave all the outward signs that she knew how to present herself and was unlikely to be a beginner or a wannabe and so I decided to approach her. I walked to her window which she opened and we went through the normal negotiations – Did we have a common language? Yes English – What services was I seeking? A corporal punishment session – I stated that I did not want any sexual services, she stated that she did not offer any, that established her as a BDSM Mistress. It is important to note here that there are two types of Mistresses that work in this area, BDSM Mistresses who offer play without sexual contact and SM Mistresses, who are legally registered prostitutes that offer play along with sexual services, when negotiating it is important to establish which type of Mistress you are talking to. SM mistresses are usually content to play without sexual contact but it is best established clearly from the start that this is the arrangement, if you do not want any unwished for sexual advances. The negotiation complete a price for a one hour session was agreed and I was invited inside.

The play rooms

Once inside I was shown up a flight of stairs and was very pleasantly surprised to be shown two spacious and well equipped play rooms. Usually in this area the rooms are adequate but a bit on the small side and not extensively furnished but in this case the opposite was true. One room was comfortably furnished and the other was very stark with two very interesting looking types of restraining benches and a cage. one of the benches was similar to the piece of furniture pictured below but with some extra straps and no attachments, fore and aft.

The decision

We chatted about what I wanted to happen in the session. Normally at this point I disclose that I am a spanko and that I want a spanking style of play rather than a BDSM style play, all Mistresses that I have played with in the past have been happy to accommodate this preference but on this occasion, I was interested in a little role play and the atmosphere of the environment was intriguing. So I decided that although I wanted the session to be Corporal punishment orientated, I was happy to play the slave and find out a little about what BDSM CP entailed. I asked to play in the stark room. Mistress Eva asked me which piece of equipment I preferred and I asked her to recommend one, she recommended the one similar to the one in the photograph above, so I chose that one. And so play began.

Part two of this experience will be scheduled to be posted on Thursday 2nd of April at about 4:30 am (my time).


>SALI mk1 is Born – Part Four Finishing The Rotating Mechanism


If you have missed the first three parts of this series, you can find them in the following links.

SALI mk1 is Born – Part One
SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base
SALI mk1 is Born – Part Three, The Start Of The Rotating Mechanism


SALI mk1 is meant to be a prototype, no effort is made to make this project look good. The aim is to produce an efficient working spanking device with no attention paid to aesthetic values.

Finishing the rotary delivery mechanism

At the end of part three of this series a bracket had been cut to size for mounting the delivery arm. It was decided that two of these would give more secure mounting and balance the rotary mechanism better and so a second bracket was cut exactly the same as the first.

The joining piece was then placed on a piece of paper and used to draw a circle. The first bracket was then placed, in line with its marks for drilling on the joining piece, against the joining piece and two lines where drawn on the piece of paper along it’s sides. The two parts where then removed from the paper and the two parallel lined where extended through and beyond the circle. The joining piece was then replaced on the paper and the parallel pencil lines where used to mark where the second bracket would sit, exactly opposite the first. The first bracket was then placed over the marks for it’s drill holes on the joining piece and a line was marked on it where the flat of the joining piece ended. It was then placed between the parallel lines on the other side of the joining piece, with the black line at the flat end of the joining piece and the position for drilling the holes for the second bracket where then marked through the holes in the bracket. This ensures that the brackets will be mounted exactly opposite each other (click on the photograph to see detail), the eight holes where then drilled in the plastic joining piece, using a 5mm drill bit.

A large bracket (marked “B” in the photo)has been purchased to fix the mechanism to the base. The small bracket (marked “A” in the photo) that was cut from it’s original mounting in this post SALI mk1 is Born – Part Three, is lined up in its desired position on the large bracket and two marks are made for drilling holes that will eventually be used to join the two brackets. The two holes are then drilled with a 5mm drill bit.

The working spring mechanism was then reassembled, in it’s original metal hub, that is now mounted inside the plastic joining piece.

After about one and a half hours of poking, fiddling and swearing the spring mechanism has been successfully reassembled.

Using eight 5mm by 20mm blots and nuts the two brackets are then mounted onto the plastic joining piece (click on photo for details).

Half way between the two delivery arm brackets a 10mm hole, 23mm form the edge of the plastic joining piece, was drilled. A 10mm by 60mm bolt is then fixed in this hole with a normal nut and there is another locking nut for this bolt but that is not to be secured yet (click on photograph for detail). The reason for this bolt will become apparent later on in the project.

The rotating delivery mechanism, literally the ‘beating’ heart of SALI mk1, is now finished. Next week things will start to be fitted to the base unit, that was made in SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base.


>Goodbyeeee Bailey’s Blog – Lost Blog Returns – Kinky Island List – One Last Vegas Post – Joining Collar ‘N Cuffs – And Some Fans Go To Far


Goodbyeeee Baileys blog

Bailey’s Blog has been inactive and acting funny for several months now and I could not find out what was going on with it, so it has been decided to take it off the dormant blogs list. The blog archives are still there and chronicle the work, life and opinions of Bailey, an American spanking model with her own site. Thanks for all the posts and fare well Bailey’s blog.

A blog returns to the rolls

El Tercer Ojo – an excellent quality blog, that used to be linked here before, is returning to the blog roll. It looks like it has been reactivated for some time. It is run by Mija a writer and longtime blogger and spanking enthusiast. Welcome back El Tercer Ojo.

Kinky Island Discs Links List

I see from the stat counter “Popular pages” section that Kinky Island Discs posts are always well visited and so have put a list of the individual Kinky Island Discs Posts in the side bar, between the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites list and the Labels list. It can be used to go directly to the post of the person(s) that you want to read about.

One last Vegas post

Somewhat tardy post-Vegas post. – I had decided not to link to any more posts about the last Shadow Lane party, when Amy Hunter decided to post the most fun recollection, of what went on there, that I have read yet. This is the last link to a post about the party, I promise.

I signed up at Collar ‘N Cuffs

I was feeling guilty about lurking at Collar N Cuffs and so decided to register and try to get over my “O GOD I WILL NEVER JOIN A FORUM AGAIN” syndrome. I have been getting a lot of info and inspiration there. It is a femdom based BDSM orientated site but any pain player will find something of interest there, so it is well worth a visit.

Some fans go too far

I know this blog is enjoying a moderate level of popularity but I think that this guy went a bit overboard in showing his appreciation.

This is from this image generator Tattoo Back – ImageChef, have fun with it.


>Thought For The Week

>We bottoms and subs, myself include, often wax lyrical about how getting a spanking is the best form of stress relief. This weeks Thought For The Week may go someway to explaining part of how this works.

The upcoming spanking,
guaranteed to help you forget all your other problems.


>Blog Calendar – April Page

>It depends whether you are a glass half empty or half full type but either another month of your life has just gone or the next payday is coming. Either way it is time for the April installment of the blog calendar.

The April Page

This weeks image comes from the Spanking Photography blog, which is run by Jason Oak a professional photographer working in the south of England. I not sure what it is, the lighting? the composition? but Mr Oak takes the classical images, that we spankos see every day, and produces something special. The example in this post is the classic “adult schoolgirl caned” scenario, if you type that into a search engine you will find hundreds of images but I doubt if any of them will be as good as this one.

The calendar page is formated to print off on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and give it to your favourite auntie, to brighten her day.

If you wish to donate an image for the blog calendar please send it to


>Some Videos Of Men Who Have Earned A Spanking


I don’t know if this is old hat to all you Americans out there but on this side of the pond we have not got a clue about these books and I for one have never seen these adverts before. So many men earning so many spankings. There is no way that these could not be posted.

Women of the world, take up your canes, your tawses, your paddles and your belts. Flex those biceps and thrash these guys until they squeal. the future depends on you.

I think that we can all agree that all those guys have earned a damn good spanking.