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Daily Archives: March 1, 2009

>SALI mk1 is Born – Part One


What is SALI mk1

SALI mk1 (pronounced Sally mark one) simply stands for “Self Administration Levered Inflicter” and mark one because she is the first attempt at making this kind of thing by myself. It is intended to be (when it is finished) to be a device to administer corporal punishment without the necessity of a Top, Dom(me) or any other form of second party.



The caning/whipping machine from Pain4Fem

These two machines are what first caught my attention and got the old grey matter churning. The amazing machine from Pain4Fem is not for sale and although the Robospanker is and it has been reduced from it’s original price to a more competitive $845 it is and will probably remain, well outside of the budget of normal folk like myself. SALI will not be nearly as sophisticated as these machines but she will not cost nearly as much.

So what will SALI mk1 be like

Well to start with she will not be pretty. I regard SALI mk1 as a prototype, the important thing is that she will work and will be easily adaptable, to over come any unforeseen problems and glitches that are encountered during her construction. SALI mk1 will have no motor and will be manually operated by the person on the receiving end (me). SALI mk1 is meant to be more the extra meter and a half of arm and two extra elbows, that anyone who has ever tried to spank themselves find that they need to do the job properly, rather than a fully automated spanking machine.

The four main aims for the SALI mk1 are that:-

1/ She must be an effective implement deliverance system
2/ That she is easy enough to construct that anyone with only basic DIY skills can construct their own version
3/ that she be cost effective and the total cost of her parts are within the budget of most normal working people.
4/ She must be light enough and small enough to be easy to store in a discreet place when not in use.

A warts and all project

Above are all the bits I have purchased for the construction of SALI mk1 so far. Like the previous Toys are born projects, SALI mk1 will be posted on as I build her and mistakes and development problems will be written about in this blog as they occur.

For example the spring turny bit rotary delivery unit (above) may not be strong enough and I have not worked out how to bolt things to it yet but if this does not work I have an alternative idea that I will use.

Well time to stop talking about this, go and buy some timber and get started.