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Daily Archives: March 6, 2009

>The Blog Rolls – A Blog Merit Certificate – Stuff From Other Blogs – And A Funny Comic Relief Clip


Managing the blog rolls

The blog rolls on this blog are very strictly controlled, the second list is for blogs that I check out regularly and the first list is for those that I check out every day. The only time I can guarantee for blog reading is over my morning coffee and a blog cannot be added to the first roll unless another blog is moved off the list. So it has been decided that there will be some blogs moved between the lists. Mostly some of the less frequently updated blogs will be moved from the first roll to the second to make space for blogs to be moved up to the first list. This is not a criticism of the blogs being moved, it is just that it is not worth going to a blog every day if it is only updated once every couple of weeks or even longer. This process will start next week but until then there is space for a blog to be moved to the first roll this week.

Blog Merit Certificate

Tan Her Hide – A note from Dr Malford (my fictitious Head Mistress) informed me that this blog is one of the most frequently updated on the second blog roll and having monitored my blog reading habits, she also informs me that I am reading this very regularly and so it is given a Blog Merit Certificate and moved up to the first roll.

Interesting posts from other blogs this past week

A Few Tips & Tricks You Might Like – This is from Dante’s Paradiso and taught me a thing or two. A must read for some clever blogging tips and tricks.

Missing chapter pt 1/2 and Missing chapter pt 2/2 are two posts from Niki Flynn containing a chapter that was cut from the final print of her excellent book Dances With Werewolves and are well worth a read.

In this post Strict Prison 4 now available, Pandora Blake announces the release of the new film featuring herself and Amy Hunter. I have got to get this film.

Hostel III: Preparing for the Mood, Ludwig’s account of his visit to Hungary continues. So if you like to find out what happens behind the camera you know where to go.

A Comic Relief Clip

Comic relief kicks off soon, it is when comedians and celebrities in the UK raise money not only for underprivileged kids in the UK but worldwide and having a giggle while they do it, so why not pop over to their WEBSITE and drop a little cash in the pot. I first saw this sketch in 1986 when it was performed for the very first Comic relief and is not only dead funny (pun intended) but is also a good illustration of why there should not be corporal punishment in the education system. I now hand you over to the very capable hands of Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton.


>Thought For The Week

>This weeks thought speaks for itself.

It is a mistake to think that you can solve any major problems with just a spanking.
But it has got to be worth a try.