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Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

>SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base


For part one of this posting series follow this link – SALI mk1 is Born – Part One

SALI mk1 is meant to be a prototype, no effort is made to make this project look good. The aim is to produce an efficient working spanking device with no attention paid to aesthetic values.

Making the base

The legs for SALI mk1 are going to be those of an old table that I use as a workbench and so the machine has to have a good solid base that can be easily attached to that table. The table is 60cm wide. The wood used is common pine 22mm thick and 95mm wide, it was pre cut at the merchant’s to 60cm lengths. There are 8 lengths of wood to start with.

6 pieces of wood are placed side by side and then the remaining 2 pieces are laid length wise along the 6 pieces of wood and a pencil line is made to mark their positions the two lenghts of wood are then removed and glue is applied along the other wood pieces as illustrated in the photograph below.

The to lengths of wood are then clamped in place at the ends, in the desired position. The wood is then marked out with a pencil line 25mm from the top of every wood length that is at 90 degrees to it and then two marks at 25mm and 70mm are made along these lines, as illustrated below.

I decided to use 30mm by 4mm screws, as the main screws for this project because I got a bucket of 600 of them for only 2 Euros 99cents because they are sturdy enough and long enough to hold 22mm wood thickness together without any danger of coming through 2 pieces of wood being screwed together. The marks made in the previous stage are drilled with guide holes using a 3mm wood bit and then the screws are driven hard into the wood so that the heads are slightly below the surface of the wood, as illustrated below.

When both pieces of wood are fully screwed to the pieces below them the clamps where removed. In the photograph below, the gap between the two securing lengths of wood is marked as the “middle area”. When the upper workings of SALI mk1 are finished more reinforcements will be added to the middle area but for now it is being left clear to allow for any bolts that have to be secured through the base,

The base piece is then flipped over and each of the six lengths of wood are marked out at both ends as illustrated below the wood is then drilled and screwed. Finally the protruding ends of the two pieces of wood are cut off using a saw. The base of SALI mk1 is now complete.

To secure the base to the table four clamps will be used, of the type illustrated below. I found it worth while shopping around for these as the price varied greatly from one supplier to another. I got the size I wanted for 1 Euro 15 cents each, other shops where charging up to 7 Euros each for the same sized clamp.

The base of SALI mk1 can now be easily clamped and unclasped form the table. Below is the finished base attached to the table to be used.

Next week making the rotating element of the machine (hopefully)