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Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

>Blog Merit Certificate – Two Blogs Moved To The Second List – News From Vegas – A Spanking Song Video


Blog Merit Certificate

Dirty spanking blog – Dr Malford (my non existent Headmistress) sent down a certificate for this blog, stating that it is one of the most frequently updated blogs on the lists and it is being checked out very regularly. It is the blog of the spanking model Justine, who is often spanked by her soon to be husband Arnold. Justine shares pictures of her professional and private spankings. In her comments boxes Justine always interacts with her fans with politeness and a good sense of humour.

A blog moving to the second list

Well Spanked Man – This blog is being moved to the second list. This is not a criticism of this blogs content, which I enjoy greatly, it is just because it is updated too infrequently to check out every day.

Bryan is back

SpkrBryans’s Blog – Woo Hoo!, posting seems to have resumed on this, picture based, blog and so it is being moved off the dormant blogs list and into the second blog roll.

News from Vegas

For someone like me the chance to attend a Shadow Lane party will probably never happen but, second best though it be, plenty of bloggers who did attend have posted about the experience and given us a chance to read about it. I thought I would post links to the posts to date (that I know of) here, so as to make it easier to follow the events of the weekend.

From Sarah Gregory Hello from Vegas and A very important and meaningful experience! From Devlin O’Neill
St. Paddles Day Shadow Lane Party 2009 – Part the First, St. Paddles Day Shadow Lane Party 2009, Part the Second, St. Paddles Day Shadow Lane Party 2009, Part the Third and St. Paddles Day Shadow Lane Party 2009, Part the Fourth and Final. From Clare Fonda Back From Shadowlane, Shadowlane Friday and Shadowlane Saturday part 1 – Snow Mercy. From Leia Ann Woods NSI do Las Vegas and more on the Vegas trip…

A spanking song

I heard on the news that all mainstream music videos have been withdrawn from viewing on YouTube, for people living in the UK. Hopefully the video here was not included amongst them, so that you have at least one song to listen to. This is The Wet Spots performing Smack My Bottom.