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Daily Archives: March 15, 2009

>SALI mk1 is Born – Part Three, The Start Of The Rotating Mechanism

>If you have missed the first two parts of this series, you can find them in the following links.

SALI mk1 is Born – Part One
SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base


SALI mk1 is meant to be a prototype, no effort is made to make this project look good. The aim is to produce an efficient working spanking device with no attention paid to aesthetic values.

Starting the rotary delivery mechanism

The rotary delivery mechanism is the beating heart (‘scuse the pun) of SALI mk1, it is the part who’s rotary motion will provide the drive that will deliver the attached toy to it’s target. The following is the first part of how it is made.

This photograph shows a rotary spring driven mechanism that is normally used for holding up security blinds, for windows, the rotary mechanism for SALI mk1 will be based on this. These have three advantages, firstly the spring that powers it is very strong, secondly the mechanism is very simple, easy to understand and easy to convert to the purpose it must serve as part of SALI mk1 and finally they are cheap, this one only cost €6.15.

Stage one is to take apart the mechanism, making sure that all the parts are kept safe, for reassembly at a later date.

You may have to enlarge this picture to see the appropriate detail. This is the mounting bracket for the device, it has been cut into two pieces. The part marked “A” is of no further use and may be discarded. The part marked “B” is important and must be kept for use later.

The grey thing in the photo is a joining piece for two drainage pipes, it is 100mm in outer diameter and 95mm inner diameter, and is 55mm long. This is very sturdy and will provide a good mounting for all the parts that rotate, when SALI mk1 is in action. Four equidistant holes are dilled around the perimeter of the joining piece. the holes are 5mm in diameter and are centered 7mm from the edge of the joining piece. The round metal casing of the blind roller is then placed next to the joining piece and making sure that the enclosed side of the casing protrudes about 3mm from the edge of the joining piece, a mark for drilling a hole in the casing is made to aline with the existing holes in the plastic joining piece. This is then drilled with a 5mm hole. Click on the photo to see details

Using a selection of needle files the hole is made square so that it will hold the base of a 5mm diameter bolt firm. Click on the photograph for details.

This photograph shows how the hole should look when the filing is finished.

Using a 5mm diameter bolt appropriately spaced with washers, so that the metal casing can be held centered within the plastic joining piece, the positions of the other three holes can be marked, so that they line up with the holes on the plastic joining piece.

The metal casing is then removed and the other three 5mm holes can be drilled and made square with needle files. using washers as spacers, the metal casing can be secured in the center of the plastic joining piece with nuts and bolts of a 5mm diameter. The finished article should look like the photograph on the left.

Just to prove that this is a warts and all project my 5mm drill bit broke as I completed the last hole in the metal casing and as I do not have another, any more drilling will have to wait till next week, after I have purchased another 5mm metal cutting bit. The metal of the casing is surprisingly tough.

A strong metal bracket, originally designed to be used on outdoor wooden fencing, has been obtained. It will be attached to the other end of the plastic joining piece as the main mount for toys to be joined to the rotating mechanism. It is too large and was cut down so that it is the right size to mount. Click on the photograph to see the details of this. The bracket was then used to mark the drilling position for the holes in the plastic joining piece but drilling will have to wait until next week when I have a new drill bit.

Next week – Finishing the rotating mechanism (hopefully)

A clip of another machine in action

I knew my mother was wrong, when she told me that I was too old for Lego. Enjoy this clip of another spanking machine in action.