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Daily Archives: March 19, 2009

>The Photographs Of Arne Jahn – Or Beware Dangerous Models


Arne Jahn

I haven’t featured a fetish photographer for some time and I was holding off posting about Arne Jahn because I could find little information about the photographer but I like his work so much it just had to go into a post. Christain von Astor summed it up when he wrote the Arne Jahn’s work gives “impressions of fetish and inclinations of power” and that the photographs convey that “pain is the language of scholars”. For myself I say that I am a lot happier looking at these photos than I am with the idea of being in the same room as the models. The images of Arne Jahn convey a sense of anger and power of both dominants and submissives, so much so that a viewer could believe that the restrained models have been chained up for the safety of others. Where Mr Jahns work shines over others is in the interpretations of facial expressions. There is fetish, sexual undertones and the raw inner rage of every model expressed in all his photographs. If you enjoy the images below you can find more at Arne Jahn’ own site.

Once again there are more images at Arne Jahn’s website