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Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

>New Blog For The Roll – Dixiedarling Charity Spanks – A Blog Moving – Extreme Porn Law Scotland – More From Vegas – And The Masochism Tango


A new blog for the rolls

On the Way of Exploration – This is the blog of Kami Robertson, one of the newest models on the UK spanking scene. Originally from Poland she now lives in England and blogs about her spank modeling career and thoughts on kink. Following her adventures on her blog is a very pleasant way to pass the time.

Some swats in the spanking booth

Dixiedarling of the blog The Inner Workings of Dixie will be helping to staff a spanking booth, at the Texas All State spanking party, to help raise money in the fight against breast cancer. The cost is a dollar a swat. So if you are lucky enough to be going to the party you can have some spanking fun and do your good deed for the day or if you know someone going to the party you could give them a few dollars to spank her on your behalf. Lets hope that she cannot sit down for a month, all in the name of a good cause of coarse.

Warning spanko on the move

RPT/Fred Bloggs and MP of the blog Just My Random Perverted Thoughts are moving to a new address. their blog can now be found at

A few more posts from Vegas

There has been a few more posts about the recent Shadow Lane party these are What time zone is it???, More about Shadow Lane, Shadowlane Saturday – Part Two, and Shadowlane Sunday

Blog following

I have started using Bloggers blog following thingy. I have also put a followers widget in the side bar, beneath the email address, so if you want to use this to follow this blog or view others that follow this blog, just click on the relevant button.

Extreme porn laws Scotland

The Extreme porn laws, now in place in the rest of the UK, have now been put before the Scottish Parliament, at Holyrood. You can read more about this in these three links CAAN Scotland, Dangerous Pictures Proposed Law and Puritanical ‘Anti-Sex’ Legislation. As an Englishman living in Flanders, I am very much in favour of an independent Flanders (pro Vlaanderen, tegen Vlaams Belang) and as a spanko I am very much in favour of kinksters rights. Small nations right across Europe are looking to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to set an example in treading the path of peaceful independence. The Scottish MPs supporting this bill are not only starting the process of this infringement of human rights spreading across Europe, like a dark pestilence but are also guilty, by following the Westminster decision like a pet poodle with it’s tail between it’s legs, of betraying, not only Scotland but all small nations seeking independence within the European Union. lets hope that there are enough Scottish MPs, who have enough sense not to be Westminster’s pets, to crush this bill, in both the name of common sense and independence.

The Masochism Tang

I love this song, it was written by Tom Lehrer.