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>Gates Of Hell Are Born – Start To Finish

>Before I start, I would like to apologize to those who where looking forward to the next installment of SALI mk1 is Born but as was explained in this post I Got A Boo Boo, I am having problems with my right hand. The hand is improving but it is not yet strong enough to continue with building SALI mk1, hopefully that will continue next week until then please enjoy…………………

Gates of hell are born

Not being able to continue with SALI mk1, I was wondering what to post this week, so I went sorting through my box of leftover things from DIY projects and found the stuff in the picture below.

so I decided to make some gates of hell and it is going to be done from start to finish in one post.

What are “gates of hell”?

The picture above shows a commercially available gates of hell. Mine will not look like those and will work a little differently. Basically gates of hell are a chastity device designed to stifle any chance of a full erection and not be removable unless the the penis is totally flaccid. This leaves the wearer in a dilemma, if they are in a state of arousal. They are, at the end of the day a prick teasers perfect tool.

Making some budget gates of hell

to make this four metal rings of a 35mm inner diameter (smaller than the diameter if my penis), one metal ring of a 25mm inner diameter and lots of shoe laces of a 60cm length, where used. To start with the price tags where removed from the metal rings and they where washed in warm soapy water.

For the next stage I had to get an erection, so it was off to watch some of my favorite F/m Pron. Once the required erection had been gained, the small metal ring was placed on the end of the penis and a measurement was taken from where the scrotum joins the penis to where the small metal ring rested. And no, I am not going to tell you what that measurement was.

The measurement obtained then had 2.5cm deducted from it and the small ring and one of the large rings where joined together, with a shoelace, at this final distance apart, as can be seen in the photograph to the left. this is a distance guide line and will be removed later.

A shoe lace is then folded in half and tied to the large metal ring and a series of simple knots are tied along it’s length as can be seen in the picture to the left.

the other three large metal rings are tied into the lace at equal distances with a series of knots between them, adding another lace when the first one reaches it’s end until the series of knots and rings is the same length as the guide length shoe lace. At this point the knotted lace is tied to the small metal ring, as in the photo to the left. The guide length lace was then removed. The knots must be tight to avoid stretching when in use.

Using more laces, the knotting process is then repeated along the other side of the series of rings and should end up looking something like the photograph on the left

the protruding ends of the shoe laces can then be snipped of (photo left)

Two more she laces are then attached to the large ring at the end, as seen in the illustration. These are to attach the device to the genitals.

The finished device looked like this.


Four large metal rings at €0.25 each = €1.00
One small metal ring = €0.20
Three pairs of 60cm shoe laces from a value pack of eight that cost €2.50 = €0.94

Total cost = €2.14

There is a currency converter at the bottom of the sidebar to the right, for anyone who would find that useful.

Testing and conclusion

It was then placed over my penis and tied around the penis and testes, as shown in the photograph to the left using simple knots and not bows so that it could not be easily removed. The roughness of the knotted shoelaces, contrasting with the cold smoothness of the metal and the weight of the thing caused the start of some arousal without other stimuli. I also then indulged in watching some Pron and resting back and fantasizing in an attempt to reach a state of arousal. As my penis extended it pushed against the smaller metal ring, at the end, pulling the laces around my testes and penis base tight and into my flesh making it impossible to untie the knots, if there was an emergency I would have to cut my way out. At a point that I would describe as beyond a “semi” but not fully erect, the flesh of my penis started to bulge out from between the larger metal rings and the end of my penis was straining hard against the small ring at the end of the device. This seemed to reduce blood flow and my penis started to shrink, at which time the abrasion against the device and my general horniness combined with the return of blood flow caused the erection to start to build again. This happened again and again settling into a regular cycle. I could not untie the device and could find no effective way of masturbating through the metal and laces. After about an hour and a quarter of this I sat totally still for a while and concentrated hard on Jeremy Clarkson, whilst watching an old episode of Top Gear, this caused me to become flaccid enough to untie and remove the device. I have never seen the appeal of such devices before trying it for myself but the arousal, un-arousal, arousal cycle with total denial thrown in was strangely comforting in an uncomfortable sort of way. I do not think that I would want to wear a chastity device for a long time but I can see myself using this again soon and repeatedly for an hour or so at a time. On the whole this was a surprisingly exciting experience and when the device was removed and I was finally able to relieve myself………………, well lets just say that I have had to mop the ceiling. On the whole I would describe this project as a very cheap and very worthwhile success.


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  1. >I love your crafty posts! Hadn’t even heard of this device before, but I can certainly see its uses 🙂

  2. >Gates of hell have been around forever. It’s strange but I never had the inclination to try a chastity device before, it was made to see if it could be made. But having tried it, I found it to be an amazing experience. This is something that you do not want to be interrupted when using though, they could not be removed in a hurry, if someone came to the door.Prefectdt

  3. >I had forgotten about Gates of Hell but as soon as I saw the pic of them a large evil smile settled on my face.What a delight to read your testing and conclusion. I can certainly see the appeal of teasing and denying a man with such a device, what fun that would be. What was most interesting though was your description of how and what you felt. I now better understand why some men do enjoy chastity devices so much.Thanks and HugsMina

  4. >It was a real long term tease Mina, an exciting way to wast a couple of hours.Prefectdt


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