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Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

>Goodbyeeee Bailey’s Blog – Lost Blog Returns – Kinky Island List – One Last Vegas Post – Joining Collar ‘N Cuffs – And Some Fans Go To Far


Goodbyeeee Baileys blog

Bailey’s Blog has been inactive and acting funny for several months now and I could not find out what was going on with it, so it has been decided to take it off the dormant blogs list. The blog archives are still there and chronicle the work, life and opinions of Bailey, an American spanking model with her own site. Thanks for all the posts and fare well Bailey’s blog.

A blog returns to the rolls

El Tercer Ojo – an excellent quality blog, that used to be linked here before, is returning to the blog roll. It looks like it has been reactivated for some time. It is run by Mija a writer and longtime blogger and spanking enthusiast. Welcome back El Tercer Ojo.

Kinky Island Discs Links List

I see from the stat counter “Popular pages” section that Kinky Island Discs posts are always well visited and so have put a list of the individual Kinky Island Discs Posts in the side bar, between the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites list and the Labels list. It can be used to go directly to the post of the person(s) that you want to read about.

One last Vegas post

Somewhat tardy post-Vegas post. – I had decided not to link to any more posts about the last Shadow Lane party, when Amy Hunter decided to post the most fun recollection, of what went on there, that I have read yet. This is the last link to a post about the party, I promise.

I signed up at Collar ‘N Cuffs

I was feeling guilty about lurking at Collar N Cuffs and so decided to register and try to get over my “O GOD I WILL NEVER JOIN A FORUM AGAIN” syndrome. I have been getting a lot of info and inspiration there. It is a femdom based BDSM orientated site but any pain player will find something of interest there, so it is well worth a visit.

Some fans go too far

I know this blog is enjoying a moderate level of popularity but I think that this guy went a bit overboard in showing his appreciation.

This is from this image generator Tattoo Back – ImageChef, have fun with it.