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Daily Archives: March 29, 2009

>SALI mk1 is Born – Part Four Finishing The Rotating Mechanism


If you have missed the first three parts of this series, you can find them in the following links.

SALI mk1 is Born – Part One
SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base
SALI mk1 is Born – Part Three, The Start Of The Rotating Mechanism


SALI mk1 is meant to be a prototype, no effort is made to make this project look good. The aim is to produce an efficient working spanking device with no attention paid to aesthetic values.

Finishing the rotary delivery mechanism

At the end of part three of this series a bracket had been cut to size for mounting the delivery arm. It was decided that two of these would give more secure mounting and balance the rotary mechanism better and so a second bracket was cut exactly the same as the first.

The joining piece was then placed on a piece of paper and used to draw a circle. The first bracket was then placed, in line with its marks for drilling on the joining piece, against the joining piece and two lines where drawn on the piece of paper along it’s sides. The two parts where then removed from the paper and the two parallel lined where extended through and beyond the circle. The joining piece was then replaced on the paper and the parallel pencil lines where used to mark where the second bracket would sit, exactly opposite the first. The first bracket was then placed over the marks for it’s drill holes on the joining piece and a line was marked on it where the flat of the joining piece ended. It was then placed between the parallel lines on the other side of the joining piece, with the black line at the flat end of the joining piece and the position for drilling the holes for the second bracket where then marked through the holes in the bracket. This ensures that the brackets will be mounted exactly opposite each other (click on the photograph to see detail), the eight holes where then drilled in the plastic joining piece, using a 5mm drill bit.

A large bracket (marked “B” in the photo)has been purchased to fix the mechanism to the base. The small bracket (marked “A” in the photo) that was cut from it’s original mounting in this post SALI mk1 is Born – Part Three, is lined up in its desired position on the large bracket and two marks are made for drilling holes that will eventually be used to join the two brackets. The two holes are then drilled with a 5mm drill bit.

The working spring mechanism was then reassembled, in it’s original metal hub, that is now mounted inside the plastic joining piece.

After about one and a half hours of poking, fiddling and swearing the spring mechanism has been successfully reassembled.

Using eight 5mm by 20mm blots and nuts the two brackets are then mounted onto the plastic joining piece (click on photo for details).

Half way between the two delivery arm brackets a 10mm hole, 23mm form the edge of the plastic joining piece, was drilled. A 10mm by 60mm bolt is then fixed in this hole with a normal nut and there is another locking nut for this bolt but that is not to be secured yet (click on photograph for detail). The reason for this bolt will become apparent later on in the project.

The rotating delivery mechanism, literally the ‘beating’ heart of SALI mk1, is now finished. Next week things will start to be fitted to the base unit, that was made in SALI mk1 is Born – Part Two, The Base.