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When people are with other people they usually control themselves and do not let their imaginations run wild but when they sit in front of a computer, they are alone and can unleash their twisted thoughts, usually with the aid of a search engine. So let’s find out what weird and wonderful phrases lured the unsuspecting to this blog. Remember, in cyberspace, no one is chasing you with a straight jacket.

Chelsea spanks Tube – Who’s Tube? Is she a new spankee star?

Female teacher spanking Tube – There she is again, to get so popular so fast she must be very good.

This lady knows how to spank hard – This lad likes to be spanked hard.

Streng Gouvernanten who spank men – And they must be able to do it in two languages.

Goodbye vanilla thumblogger – Wasn’t that a song by Elton John?

My inner vision Japanese blog – very Zen!

Cained in the woods – Do you think they were looking for “Caned in the woods” or “Chained in the woods”?

Chromed handled flogger – Nice! I wouldn’t mind one of those myself, sounds expensive though.

Josephine spanking – Not tonight.

Spanking bare bottoms in Blackpool – *Everybody sings* Oh I do like to spank beside the seaside, I do like to spank beside the sea.

Spankable Erin Grey – No! Erin Grey is definitely a top.

Oldest spankee – Not yet but I’m working on it 🙂

Adultcorporalpunishment – There is a big wide key at the bottom of your key board. You should try it out, it’s very useful.

Kinky Belgian women – Yes, there is a great demand for these, especially from me.

Free 20 second spanking clips – Why only 20 seconds?

Niki Flynn – pirate’s – pirate – eunuch – The mind boggles.

Schoolgirl gets spanked and analyzed with her teacher – I suddenly want to be an annalist.

Catherine Zita Jones spanked video – If you found one please tell us where to find it.

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.


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  1. >My favs were Goodbye Vanilla Thumblogger and Oldest Spankee, he, he, he! I AM getting some great laughs today, I really am! Thanks for yet another!

  2. >Hi Tiggs, going to the “Key word analysis” is always the fun part of checking out the stats. :)Prefectdt

  3. >I love the 20 second video clip searcher. Such a specific amount of time.HugsMina

  4. >Actually there may be a market there, super short spanking clips for those with busy lives :)Prefectdt

  5. >Wow those are off-the-wall! lolll….Mine are kinda’ boring, but my most memorable was someone found my blog by Googling “New England Chinese Food.” Apparently, I come up on page 138 or something 🙂

  6. >page 138, some people have too much time on their hands Dave. Still “New England Chinese food, that’s one for the book :)Prefectdt


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