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>Canes And Caning (A Practical Guide) – A Book Review


Canes and Caning
by Janet W. Hardy
Published by Greenery Press 2004

What is the book about?

This book is one of “The Toybag Guide To” series from greenery press, that are meant to be helpful, practical guides to kinky play. It attempts to inform on several things caning from being a caner to receiving the cane and some other things, like cane making and cane care.

What did I like about this book?

It is small in size and easily hidden in a pocket if you are disturbed by someone. The simple but effective cover design is very pleasing to the eye and it is a nice blue colour. I’m afraid that is about all that I liked about this book.

What I didn’t like about this book?

Unfortunately almost everything. I purchased this book hoping to get some tips and tricks on improving my caning technique but even if I had found it to be a basic “Play safe” beginners guide, I would have been happy to have found a guide that I could recommend to beginners. It was a pity but this book did not fall into either category.

The author made the mistake of wandering off into play philosophies ( a mistake I see in many practical guides, even the better ones, that I have read about pain play), if I want a book about play philosophy I will buy one specifically for that. When I buy a practical guide, I am doing it to gain practical information.

The information in this book was vague and indistinct. It was not inaccurate but not in depth or detailed enough. Caning can be one of the most wonderful forms of pain play but if done incorrectly can be dangerous. the general wishy washyness of the information in this book could very possibly lead an inexperienced pair of playmates in a wrong and dangerous direction.

The illustrations in this book where poor and of very little help and whoever was responsible for them should get some professional advice before attempting to illustrate another practical guide book.

In the blurb at the greenery press website, The Toybag Guide To series are described as having as much information as a days face to face tuition. I would agree with this, for this book but this book is the same as if someone had written down what was said during a days tuition, which is incomplete without the hands on experience of being at a days face to face tuition. No visual guide to how to swing a cane no practical interactive tuition on your own technique. If this book was an accompaniment to a good DVD about caning, it may have passed muster but on it’s own it is worse than useless.


Would I recommend this book? – To anyone looking for an example of how not to write a guide to caning, yes. To people, like myself, looking to improve their technique, no. For beginners, absolutely not, avoid it like the plague.

The acid test – would I buy another practical guide by Ms Hardy? Based on what I read in this book, no.


If you wish to purchase this book it is available from
Amazon UK The Toybag Guide to Canes & Caning
Amazon USA The Toybag Guide to Canes and Caning

Prefectdt note – I hated writing this review and have no personal grudge against Janet W. Hardy but I feel that, on the evidence of reading this book, that sometimes you have to tell people about the bad as well as the good information out there, especially for the sake of those taking their first tentative steps into the practical side of pain play.


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  1. >well said Spankedhortic !! That is something i have never thought of doing.. a book review…… Mind you after all this time i don’t have many books left on the shelf.. i loan them out and they never seem to find their way home to me again :(Any other book reviews you want to do would be most welcome .. especially if you find something worthwhile on caning……. morningstar (owned by Warren)

  2. >Hi Morningstar, I would like like to find a good, detailed book on caning.I have a selection of books, that I have read some time ago, many of them very good, but they seem a little dated now, some have even been revised and re published in a new form. I will be doing more book reviews in the future but I will try to find some newer, fresher stuff than I have now.Prefectdt


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