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>SALI mk1 is Born – Part Twelve (And Last)


SALI mk1 all set up and ready to go

If you want to catch up with the previous posts, related to the building of this self spanking machine, please follow the links below.

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SALI mk1 is meant to be a prototype, no effort is made to make this project look good. The aim is to produce an efficient working spanking device with no attention paid to aesthetic values.


Usually I do a full costs break down for a Toys Are Born posting but if I do that for SALI mk1 this would be a very long post and so this costing will be a little more general than normal and rounded up to the nearest Euro for collective items.

Wood – €9.00
Strong wood brackets – €12.00
Nuts, bolts, screws and other ironmongery – €18.00
6 wood clamps – €7.00
Spring driven roller – €6.15
5mm cord 20m length – €5.15
2 grip exercisers – €1.50
Wood glue – €1.00 (0ne fifth of a 5 Euro bottle)
Bungees – €1.99
Drainage pipe joiner – €1.50
2 cord rollers – €6.00
2 secure clips – €1.60
Non slip matting – €1.50

Total cost of SALI mk1 approximately €73.00 (about €23.00 over my initial goal budget)

Testing SALI mk1

I made two mounting brackets, one for my carpet beater and one for my nasty little “White Lightning” synthetic cane. These where the two toys to be tested with SALI mk1. The first up for testing was the carpet beater.

Testing clip, carpet beater

The result was very disappointing, being thrashed with wet lettuce would have been more severe and pulling the cord to bring the delivery arm into strike position took a lot of strength, any one with limited upper body muscle development would have difficulties with this.

Testing with the synthetic cane

To reduce the strain on SALI mk1 I removed the mounting brackets from the delivery arm and mounted the cane directly on to the delivery arm, as can be seen in the photo.

Test clip, the synthetic cane

Even with the lighter delivery arm, the most that SALI mk1 could do with this cane, was a mild sting. The reasons that I chose this cane where because firstly it is the lightest toy that I own and secondly because normally it is very nasty, even a light flick of the wrist produces a sensation that makes you feel like your buttocks have been slashed with a craft knife.


I’m afraid that I can only conclude that SALI mk1 is a failure, she is not the spanking machine that I hoped she would be, she just doesn’t pack enough punch. Well the best thing to do is learn from this experience.

What worked?

The base and the bracing arms in combination with the wood clamps where good and solid. All the bracketing and construction was solid and stayed in place. The bungees provided a strong driving force.

What did not work?

The rotating hub was far too small. The spring mechanism did not provide enough power and forced me into using mountings that where far too small and produced too much friction. It took far too much strength to pull the arm back with the cord, some kind of gearing is needed.

What am I going to do about it?

I think that trying to fix SALI mk1 would be mistakenly going down a dead end. I am going to take a few weeks to think about an alternative design for SALI mk2 (Self Administration Levered Inflicter mark 2).


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  1. >Prefectdt, sad to read SALI mk1 was a failure but then usually we can learn from the failures to produce the successes. Was hoping to read of the wicked beating your deserving backside received from her, all in the name of science of course. Good luck with mk2 should you decide to pursue the ideas and well done for having a go at all.HugsMina

  2. >Thanks Mina, I am having a damn good think about it before I start SALI mk2.Prefectdt


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