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>The Ashes – Learch Engine Finds


Good Luck England

Yesterday saw the opening over of the worlds most important sporting event, I am of course talking about The Ashes test cricket match between Australia and England, that takes place approximately once every two years. Any Americans or Canadians out there who don’t know what test cricket is, should be aware that your nations invented it, although matches last weeks now rather than the original two days. I would like to wish the England the best of luck, give the Aussies hell.
By the way, any models looking for a niche porn market, after some rather extended searching and surfing of the internet, it became obvious that there are very few photographs about that combine cricket bats and nudity.

Learch engine finds

The witty, the weird and the downright mind boggling things that people type into search engines amazes me, here are a few that landed them at Spankedhortic.

How do you spank a man F/m – Well first you send me an email

Vintage carpet beater mistress – What vintage do you want her to be?

Good bottom thrashings sexy – Bottom thrashings are always good but if you think I’m sexy, it might be time to see an optician

Spring awakenings over her knee – I want one of those alarm clocks

Spanking internet changing spaces – Sell that idea to Fox TV, fast

I got tawsed – Lucky you

Firefly spanking Mal I agree, there should have been a Spanking

Straight men want to be spanked – Well this one does

Caning academy for naughty boys – A few terms there would do me some good

Build a spanking machine – I tried and failed but SALI mk2 is in the planning stage, WEG

Nude WPCs – If they are nude, how do you know that they are Women Police Constables?

Southern couple spank – And then play banjos

Photos of normal people get spanked by mom – Sorry, mom does not allow cameras in the punishment room

Internat spanking – Yea! spank those gnats, inter or outer

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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  1. >Hahahaha. Good post and I love the idea of cricket porn. Those paddles would be fun!

  2. >The sound of the crack of willow on buttocks would be a good aural association (s'cuse the pun) for summer sports.Cricket bats are a bit on the hefty side though, a toy for the experienced, I think :)Prefectdt


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