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Two of six of the best

And seeing as the blogiversary is also a celebration of the end of my yearly diet, I thought you may enjoy the picture of me tucking into the blogiversary cake.

Two years ago today you would have found me Planting a Whip in the Woods, in cyber world kind of way. That whip has done better than I ever expected and is growing strongly, despite some unfavorable weather that it has encountered from time to time. To celebrate there will be “Two of six of the best” administered. The ‘six of the best’ are six subjects that I have picked out and to reflect that this blog is completed it’s second year of existence, two posts that I liked the most, under these titles, will be linked to.

1/ Musings

1/ Nathan Fillion (Formally Captain Malcolm Reynolds From Firefly) Askes For A Spanking – F/m An Image Thing – This one reflects my opinion that male spankees need a stronger, more positive image.

2/ The Train Ride(s) Home – I tend to fly for a long time and the train ride home can very often be nearly as much fun as playing.

2/ Men who have earned a spanking

1/ Jeremy Clarkson Earns A Spanking, Horticulturaly – Well I dare you to find even a vanilla who would not agree that Mr Clarkson has not earned many spankings during his career.

2/ Men Who Have Earned A Spanking – A nice mix and the video at the end is a treat.

3/ Kinky but non spanking or BDSM related posts

1/ And We Thought That We Were Weird – but we are definitely not the only weirdos out there 🙂

2/ It’s Alive! Or One Home Made Toy That I Will Not Build On This Blog – But the idea of these monstrosities was a whole lot of fun.

4/ Posts personal to me

1/ My School Days Through The Eyes Of One Of My Teachers – I never expected to find this, wondering through cyberspace, a genuine account of life at my school from a teacher that I remember

2/ Coming Out As A Spankophile – And why It Didn’t Work – A strange choice, you may think but this post means a lot to me.

5/ My play

1/ What I Did On My Holiday From Blogging – Not much to show here, after a light play session and the ride home most of the marks had gone but this is the only time that I have had the permission of an amateur playmate to show her handy work on this blog.

2/ A Whupping I Got – for various reasons I could not go into much detail about this play session but is one of the most enjoyable that I have had since starting this blog.

6/ Toys are born

1/ A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part Six, Wetting, Testing And Costs – You can link to the series of posts from this one post. I wanted a flogger like this for a long time and just could not buy one anywhere. Having made this one I love the way that it turned out. Just a shame that I have not had the chance to have a real two person play with it yet.

2/ Gates Of Hell Are Born – Start To Finish – I am going to have to find a replacement for the laces, they are a bit too abrasive but I have enjoyed using this since it was made 🙂

I would like to thank Todd and Suzy, Hermione, Bonnie, Tiggs, Ronnie and Morningstar for helping me to formulate the idea for this post.

I hope that you all enjoyed that trip down memory lane. Thanks to all you readers, commenters, fellow bloggers and those that have helped out with this blog. Myself and ‘Dr Malford appreciate it greatly.

The Special Summer Posting Schedule will resume on Thursday.


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  1. >and a VERY Happy Blog Anniversary to you.. i rather enjoyed your trip down memory lane so to speak :)and oh my god !!! you mark so nicely !!!morningstar (owned by Warren)

  2. >Thanks Morningstar. I mark heavily but they fade fast, usually most are gone by morning.Prefectdt

  3. >WOW!!!!! You really did an incredible job with this! Happy blogoversary, if a bit late, all the love and heart-felt emotions are most definitely still there!Damn nice marks! I can only imagine how they must have looked right afterward!But I LOVED even more all the great links and will check them out as time permits. The one about your school interests me the most! I always love delving into the background that any blogger allows us to know… makes you so much more reachable and relate-able!Love, hugs and congrats!

  4. >Congrats and Happy Blog Anniversary.These are all new to me, I enjoy the school post and I don't think you would have dared shown the two old ladies what was in our bag :).I will be back to read the other when I have more time.I love the birthday picture.Once again congrats.Ronniexx

  5. >Happy blogiversary, dear prefectdt! I am going to savour every one of those posts. They tell of a wonderful journey that's far from over.I loved the picture of you in the cake!Hugs,Hermione

  6. >Hi, Tiggs, Ronnie and Hermione, thanks for the good wishes.By the way that is not me in the cake picture, I wish it was, I am looking forward to some post diet treats this weekend :)It was great to have a poke through the archives, it bought back so many good memories.Prefectdt

  7. >Happy Blogiversary, Prefectdt.It was good to go back over some of the favourite posts you offered. The 'Coming out as a Spankophile' post was enjoyable to read. Did your friends ever catch on?HugsMina

  8. >You know Mina I am not really sure. If they have or they are conveniently ignoring the fact but I don't want to be too heavy handed in getting the message across. Wouldn't want to freak them out.Prefectdt


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