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>Summer Posting Schedule – A New Blog For The Rolls – Spanky’s Fiction – News from The Palace – Nexus Demise – And Don’t Try This At Home


Summer posting schedule

I am snowed under and am extending the Special Summer Posting Schedule until Saturday 12th of September. More news then.

A new blog for the rolls

SpankingMaster75, ou la fessée à la française – All I can say about this blog is that it is the best way to learn to count to 50 in French.

News from other blogs

Spanky at The Daily Toast has launched a regular fiction challenge that is proving very popular, when I have time I intend to have a go. You can read about it in these posts Flash Fiction Friday: The Kickoff and Flash Fiction Friday #1 was a Success!

News from The Mad Kings PalaceLUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST has a new regular contributer you can read her first post through this link Kaelah’s Corner (Aug 2009):
A Very Warm Welcome

Demise of Black Lace/Nexus

The adult fiction publishing arm of Virgin books has announced that it will be shutting up shop. Lets hope that a publishing company, with more imagination and a better sales and marketing department, will have the foresight to pick up many of the talented authors who are currently being published by this company. You can read more here Black Lace and Nexus books: Is quality erotica a thing of the past? and here Uproar as erotica publisher Black Lace withdraws from market | Books |

I bet he didn’t show this clip to his mother


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  1. >Thanks for the link and for advertising for Flash Fiction Friday! I look forward to you and everyone who is interested participating. We had a lot of fun yesterday with it.

  2. >Thanks for coming up with this Spanky. I will have a go one day, when the muse hits me (Preferably with a big strap) but unfortunately fiction is not my strong point and I have to be in the right mood.Prefectdt

  3. >Hi! I just want to give you quicky shout out! Thanks for posting my article link on your blog. =D And I love this blog so now I am following it as well! San Diego Erotica and Romance Books Examiner.

  4. >Thanks for writing the article Nettagirl. It's a shame about Black lace/nexus but people gotta know.Prefectdt


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