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>Warning From Mistress Switch – Lupus trilogy – Ms Betty Goes Semi Pro – D Day News – Earning A Spanking In Space



The source is bad (The Daily Mail) but this post BEWARE!!, from MISTRESS SWITCH. holds a warning about a pro Domme working in the UK.

A Lupus triple post

Topping for Lupus is the last post of three from LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST about Ludwig’s and Adele Haze’s trip to work with the good people at Lupus. You can click into parts one and two from this post. Although beset by Ludwig’s usual over wordiness these are very interesting posts and well worth the time to read.

Ms Betty goes semi pro

In this post Ms Betty’s Big News, Ms. Betty tells how she is going semi pro, as a Disciplinarian.

D Day cometh and Cassy hunter is not happy

D Day is the day when Cassie Hunter is due to give Andi SWITCH a 50 stroke run up caning but Mistress Switch is supposed to be resting up for the event or it might become a hundred stroke caning. In this post Appeal. Ms Hunter expresses her concern on how Ms Switch may not be resting as she should be.

Earning a spanking in space

Sexism whilst in deep space is not acceptable. Here are a bunch of guys who should get a good whupping for their antics. Obama girl is in orbit with them as well.


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  1. >Thanks for the updates… especially the blackmail stuff. Glad that lady got busted straight away.:)~Todd &

  2. >It's a pity their was not a better information source on the blackmail but sometimes you have to use what you've got.Prefectdt

  3. >Thanks, but allow me to object to one part: "Beset by Ludwig's usual over wordiness…"My posts are long, but they aren't over-wordy. Seriously, I think I'm fairly economical with words. I dare anyone to try and say *everything* I say in these Lupus behind-the-scenes posts – all the thoughts and observations, all the little anecdotes – with a significantly smaller number of words. Best of luck, you'll need it! :)This may sound like I'm totally full of myself, and I'm not, really – I know that there are plenty of things I can improve about my writing. I'm usually super-critical, you know. But I don't think that the "information density" is all that horrible. Or is it?Anyway, thanks again for the link, and please take my thin-skinned grumpiness in the good-natured spirit in which it is given! đŸ™‚ I just can't help being Bavarian sometimes.

  4. >I am taking your thin skinned Grumpiness with good humour and I hope that you are taking my rib poking in the same light. It is just my inner brat coming out in written form :)Prefectdt

  5. >Your inner brat is lucky that I'm not into M/M!Hmm, let's see what it takes to get Miss Cassie Hunter on the hunt for you. For misspelling her name, perhaps…

  6. >No I don't play M/m either. I hope that Kaelah has a bratty side, your too good an opportunity to waist.Thanks for pointing out the mistake, it has been corrected (hopefully before too many people noticed it, er hem)Prefectdt


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