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While I was on my semi break that list of search engine phrases, of the weird, wonderful and sometimes worrying, sets of words, that bring people to this blog has been building up. So lets take a dive into the twisted psyche that takes hold of people when they connect with Google.

f/m or m/m male or man or men or frat or frats or fraternity or fraternities paddles or paddled or paddle or swats naked or nude or bare ass or asses or butt or butts clips or clip or video or videos – Do you think that this one was after caning photos?

watership down, richard adams, blogspot, like – How did this one end up here?

germany beverly bacci – Well Bacci sounds a bit Italian to me and she lives in the USA, can’t understand why the Germany bit is there

pinkdevils katerina tetova – After how many whiskeys?

french spanking blog – No this one is definitely in English

spanked at 12 – spanked at any time of the day is good for me

freie videos rohrstock – Isn’t “Freie” a region in the Netherlands where cows come from?

ludwig rorschach-palast blog – You might want to try spelling it like this LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST

f/m my boss spanks me stories – If your female boss spanks you it may not be wise to tell stories, she may stop spanking you and that would be bad

i want to be spanked on – On what? the suspense is killing me

bare she caned him – Spanko Yoda is back sees I

S_IT=HF_talk talk_cl_WS_registered ED&Q=well spanked man&RP=whole web – WTF?

spanking machine and jane fonda – good combination in her younger days, I hope you found this one. If so, do share

caned by cassy hunter does it hurt? – My guess would be yes, a lot

leia ann woods bar – I would drink there

nurse spanked me – Good medicine 🙂


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  1. >Too funny! This reminds me to check on my own funny phrases that have brought people to ASGT lately. Sure makes you wonder what people were thinking when they put the words into the search box, then even more wondering at their reaction to what they found when our blogs came up on their screens!!!!! ROFL!

  2. >"Sure makes you wonder what people were thinking when they put the words into the search box,"Oh yes and sometimes how the search engines work. How did the 'watership down' one get someone to my blog?Prefectdt

  3. >I get a lot of queries about birching. I really have to get birched someday so I can write a proper post about it. I have disappointed my poor searchers for too long.Hugs,Hermione

  4. >Well you have lots of different types of trees to choose from in Canada Hermione, may I recommend Corylus (Hazel) for a starter. Though you may want to try a single switch first :)Prefectdt

  5. >As a matter of fact, we have a Corylus avallana "Contorta" in our yard. It doesn't look very switch-like, since it's all twisted together. I could try letting one of the branches go free, then snip!Birches here die after a few years; birch borers kill them.Thanks for the great suggestion.

  6. >"ludwig rorschach-palast blog". Oh, that one is great. My blog stat counter didn't catch that one. Well, obviously it didn't, because the phrase sent the user to *you* for some reason! Why is that? In a way, it makes the whole thing even funnier!Why is your blog considered a match for "rorschach", Prefect? Hmm? 🙂

  7. >Hermione – Witch Hazel! O lord don't use that, I was talking about normal Hazel. In a strange twist of nature, you can make a pain reliving paste from the bark of Witch Hazel, so it is one to save for the aftercare phase of play :)Ludwig – I haven't a clue but it is a lot closer to anything that I have ever had on the blog than "Watership down". The mind boggles.Prefectdt

  8. >lol the first neverending keyword may be the longest spanko-related keyword ever in the history of Google!I'm afraid now to look at my keywords….:-))

  9. >Checking out the key words is one of my little daily treats Dave :)Prefectdt

  10. >Thanks for the follow! I also have my own website. Come visit me at more template Click quick


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