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>Goodbyeeee, Emilie Gets Spanked – A Blog Merit Certificate – Tiggr Says Goodbye – And More Stuff Than Would Fit Into This Post Title


Goodbyeeee Emilie Gets Spanked

Emilie Gets Spanked was a blog from a part time spanking clips performer and mother and focused on juggling the two sides of it’s owners life. I’m not sure what happened to this blog, the frequency of posting slowed and now it has just disappeared. A fond farewell to Emily and her family and lets hope that the future is good to all of them.

Blog Merit Certificate for Heart and Soul

Dr Malford (my fictitious Headmistress) has sent down a Blog Merit Certificate for Heart and Soul, a blog from Ronnie, in the UK about the life of herself and her partner and their love of bottom warming. This blog will now be moved up into the top blog roll.

Two new blogs for the rolls – A blog exclusively devoted to publishing interviews from spanking video performers. i found out about this blog from Clare Fonda Spanking and their latest interview features Emma Bishop.

Spanking Kate James – Ms James, who was featured on this blog in this post Kinky Island Discs – Katherine Rose James, has been working on a new writing based blog. This is now on the blog roll.

LOL day another great success

LOL day, organized by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts, was a big success again this year. It is a brainchild of Bonnie’s who deserves a great big round of applause from all of us. Well done Bonnie and all those that helped organize and take part in this admirable event.

Tiggr says goodbye

Tiggr of A Spanking Good Time, has announced that she is giving up blogging, at least for the foreseeable future. If you want to pop over to her blog and say farewell, now is the time to do it.

Moving a blog

Spanking Fun And Keeping Great Sex Alive formally known as Spanked Hubby has ceased posting. I don’t want to say goodbyeeee to it yet, just in case it’s owner, Mike, has a change of heart and so it is going to be moved to the dormant blog list for now.

Cause For Paws video

A bit late on this one due to circumstances beyond my control. Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells and Lily Anna have fulfilled their promise to get their butts warmed, in aid of our furry friends. you can see the very entertaining clip on this post Spanking Video – Cause for Paws ‘09.

Another caption competition

Dave, of The Cherry Red Report, having just announced the winner of his last competition has launched another caption competition, with prizes. If you want to have a go click on this link We Have a Winner; And By Gosh, A New Cherry Red Caption Contest Co-Sponsored by Clare Fonda & Cane-iac Paddles.

Little old lady 1, Mercedes 0.

next time that you meet another annoying Merc driver, remember how this have a go hero dealt with the situation.


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  1. >Congrats to Ronnie!

  2. >I second that. She is an excellent writer and deserves to be in the top drawer.Hugs,Hermione

  3. >Sorry to see Mike, Tiggs and Emilie go, though.

  4. >I pop into Ronnie's blog almost every day, it is always worth reading.There seems to be a lot (or is that just my perception) of the long term blogs biting the dust this year. It's very sad to see them go.Prefectdt


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