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>Goodbyeeee Spanked At Home And Beautiful Panties – Moving Two Blogs – And 1950’s Breasts


Goodbyeeee Spanked At Home and Beautiful Panties

This is not an overly sad pair of Goodbyeeees as the owners of both blogs, Emma Bishop and Richard Windsor, still have blogs that are very much alive and well. Spanked At Home has disappeared, after not being updated for some time. Beautiful Panties has not been updated for over six months and is not worth keeping on the lists anymore. Thank you for the time and effort to both blog owners and keep up the good work with your other blogs.

Added to side bar

As announced yesterday the The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal was launched this week. A picture that links to the appropriate link has been added to the side bar and will remain there until the 12th of November.

The Spanking Universe

The Spanking Universe is a resource that lists as many blogs as Richard Windsor can find in order of most recently updated. This site will be added to the resource sites list.

Moving two blogs

Tiggs has already announced that she will stop blogging on A Spanking Good Time but has said that she may return to this blog at a later date. So rather than saying a Goodbyeeee to this blog it is being moved into the dormant blogs list.

SpkrBryan’s Blog is sometimes a blog that comes and goes, at this time it has not been updated for some months and so it is going back to the dormant blog list. Hopefully it will be posted on again at some point in the future.

What to do about breasts 50’s style

This is a very interesting spoof film in the style of a 1950’s information film aimed at youths. I dare you to watch it and not giggle 🙂

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  1. >Down with panties :-)Good choice, it wasn't a popular blog for viewers and it won't be coming back ;-)On the other hand, thanks to The Spanking Universe, I was able to see your latest post straight away 🙂 That one is here to stay and thank you so much for taking the time to link into it. The more people who link it, the more readers we ALL get!!

  2. >Beautiful Panties was a nice picture blog but I can see that you have your hands well full with other projects.Thanks for coming up with Spanking Universe, it is a useful resource.Prefectdt


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