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>Help – Two Blogs For The Rolls – Beverly Bacci Retires – A Worthy Petition – And A Cute Kitten Trick


Asking for a little help

Normally I would not ask for help with my vanilla blog but today there is a blog event going on there, Expat World Blogger Surf Day, this is a chain posting event and my vanilla blog does not get much traffic, so the blog that follows mine might suffer from not getting many hits from that link. The blog that I am linking to is A Flamingo In Utrecht, from an American lass living in the Netherlands. So if some of you would be kind enough to click into my vanilla blog BBE’s video snapshots and follow the link to A Flamingo In Utrecht, I would be very grateful for the effort in sending this lady a few numbers. You don’t have to read the posts if you don’t want to but you may find something interesting.

Two blogs for the rolls

All Things Kinky – This is a new blog from Mitch at All Things Spanking, exploring the kinky world outside of spanking.

Marks and Stripes – I thought that this blog had seen it’s last posting but I was wrong. Apple is back and her blog is once more alive and well. Welcome back Apple.

Beverly Bacci is retiring

Beverly Bacci has announced in this post Hello and Goodbye that she is retiring from the world of kinky modeling. She is IMHO one of the most photogenic models from across the pond and this is sad news for the video producers of the USA. Lets hope that Ms Bacci has great success with whatever she chooses to do.

A petition at Mistress Switch’s blog

MISTRESS SWITCH has from this post Petition, linked through to a petition that is calling for better controls of the UK press. Anyone resident in the UK or holding UK citizenship is entitled to sign it. I have signed it and I hope that others who are able to will sign it as well.

The cutest ever kitten flip

I have never seen a kitten do a trick like this before, it is so cute that I dare you to watch this clip and not say AH!

Prefectdt :)=

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  1. >OK, going over there now if blogger lets me :)Love.Ronniexx

  2. >Thanks Ronnie :)Prefectdt

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