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Well it has been a while since the strange and twisted things, that people type into search engines, that bring people to this blog, have been exposed. So lets take a look at what we have got.

ceples spanking – I don’t even know what “ceples” means

f?m spanking – So you are not sure if it was an f. *sings* Well she looked like a woman but spanked like a man, Lola la la la la Lola (like from This Song)

boobs in the wood spanking – And who exactly were these boobs spanking

s_it=sb_uk&q=spank%20a%20man%20blogs – s_it=methink%20W%20T%20F

random spankings day to day living f/m – Sound pretty good actually

spanking little pay. – Little pay little spanking

wome with glasses spanks – Whom?

suzi perry with a cane on gadget show – OK I Googled that one after seeing it and found nothing. Dammit!

strict uncle lucy spanking – And is strict uncle Lucy a friend of Lola’s?

fff/m spanking – A dream of mine too 🙂

kinky crafters who make panties – I could give it a go, I suppose

how many couples use spanking – I would guess loads

where men can go to get a butt spanking – If you find any new places, please share

spankef by the couple – Just one key to the left and it could have gone so well

how old is amber pixie wells on october 22 – Old enough to know better but not too old for a good spanking

margaret dick tawse – This one confused me until I Googled it myself and found that Ms Dick is the descendant of a famous Tawse maker


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  1. >I needed a good laugh and this post provided it. Thanks.

  2. >I enjoy having a little look in the keyword analysis every day Burl :)Prefectdt

  3. >LOL Prefectdt, I don't really bother with stats and never the keywords but you got me wondering now, will have to take a look.Thanks.Love.RonniexxPS – I don't know what ceples is either.

  4. >There is a bit of a strange pattern Ronnie, The better your stats the less that shows up in the keyword analysis, the worse your stats the longer the list in the keyword analysis and therefore it is more likely that the funny ones turn up. So on a bad stats day it is always good to get cheered up by funny Searches.Prefectdt


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