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>Last BSR of This Year – Goodbyeeee, Sexculturas II – Snow – End Of Endart – Voting At The Spanking Spot – And What I Want For Christmas


Last Blog Stuff Roundup of 2009

At the end of next week I am off to the UK for Christmas, so the last live post will be on Friday the 18th of December and from then on there will be some scheduled posts left until I get back to Belgium and my computer, hopefully just before the New Year. So this is the last BSR of this year.

Goodbyeeee SEXCULTURAS : Nombres Propios…

SEXCULTURAS : Nombres Propios… or Sexculturas II as I always called it was a follow up blog to the original Sexculturas blog about sexy art and design. The blog is still there but has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to delete it from the non Spanking and BDSM blog roll. Thanks to it’s author for finding all those great images and best of luck for the future.


As you may have noticed it is snowing on the blog. OK it might not be a blizzard but it is not an unpleasant effect and unlike most snow effects it does not come as code that has to be placed in the template HTML code (and then sought out for deletion after Christmas) but as a simple widget that can be hidden at the bottom of the sidebar. To get this effect for a blogger blog could not be more simple, just sign into your blog, click into this link Blogger Buster: A Simple Snow Effect Widget for Blogger Blogs! and follow the instructions. You can have snow on your blog in less than a minute.

The end of Endart

Well a legend is going, as is told on SPANKING MINNESOTA in this post The End Of The Art, farewell to this icon of the spanking art world. You can visit the Endart site through this link EndArt’s Adult Spanking Art, Illustrations and Spanking Links.

Vote for the faces 🙂

Brushtrokes, over at The Spanking Spot, still has the voting open for best facial expression of 2009 in this post Voting is Open for The 2009 Spanking Award: Best Facial Expression During A Spanking. Voting for other awards will be going on over the holiday period on The Spanking Spot.

Dear Farther Christmas, This year I would like……

A third buttock for Christmas

So that I can take twice the whupping in one go 🙂


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  1. >Three buttocks! What an inspiration!Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Merry Christmas Hermione. What are you hoping to get?Prefectdt

  3. >A lovely spanking with an implement that Ron's going to find under the tree.

  4. >Nice one Hermione ;)Prefectdt


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