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>Goodbyeeee Green Rootsdown – Not One But Two Spankos On The Move – And Successful New Years Resolutions


Hi all and welcome to the first Blog Stuff Roundup of 2010. I may have missed a few things that people have posted about over the Christmas period, as I have not had time to trawl through everyone’s recent posts, so if there is something that I have not mentioned, say so in the comments box and I will consider adding it to this post or the next Roundup.

Goodbyeeee Green Rootsdown

This was the blog of Shannee and was an interesting and unusual look at the kinky side of life from someone with many alternative ways of doing things. Shannee announced that having a kinky blog might be a danger to her new life and career (yes we all a have persecution worries) and has decided to lock off her blog. Many people, including myself, will miss this blog sorely.
Fare well Green Rootsdown, thank you Shannee and best ‘o’ luck with your new ventures.

Spankos on the move

The Spanking Universe, after some hassles, has been moved the new address of this useful resource is

Paolo in Dublin has decided to move back to his old blog address and can now be found at

New years resolutions

I cannot see why people find it hard to keep their new years resolutions, I have been very successful with mine, in the past. Giving up eating sprouts was a 100% achieved and apart from running for the odd bus/train, giving up jogging was not a problem. This year my resolution is to give up reading the news paper “The Daily Mail” and I am very confident that I will do this 🙂

I do have one New Years aim though

To Give up smoking this year

And not get all “holier than thou” about it with the remaining smokers

I am not planning to do this till later in the year, as people who try to give up on January 1st are notorious for not sticking to it but sometime during the year I want to give it a go. I might try a hypnotist this time.


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  1. >I hope your excellent success to date with New Year's resolutions has bolstered your confidence for the challenge ahead! :-)Seriously, good luck with the smoking resolution and all the best in the New Year.

  2. >great link to spanking universe. Any idea how they do the current city where people live that are visiting the site?Red

  3. >Not that I smoke, but that cigarette package would make me quit in a heartbeat. Hugs,Hermione

  4. >Indy – Thanks, I think that the "Daily Mail" one will definitely be achieved.Redxxx – If you go to the Spanking Universe and click on the link, at the bottom of that widget, it will take you to the homepage of the creators of that widget. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the "free widgets" link and that will take you to the page that tells you how to get that widget onto your blog.Hermione – Pity that I misspelled the packet when I was using that generator :)Prefectdt

  5. >Hope the year head is a good one for you Prefectdt and good luck with quitting smoking. I think your right about not starting in January.Love.Ronniexx

  6. >Hi Ronnie, yes I have tried January the first a couple of times myself, in the past and these have been the shortest giving up periods that I have ever had.Prefectdt

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