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>Goodbyeeee, Lil’ Bunny’s Rabbit Den – Warning Sporadic Posting Possible – Pandora Blake’s Project – Spanking Awards – Spanking Problems In Australia


Goodbyeeee Lil’ Bunny’s Rabbit Den

Lil Bunny’s Rabbit Den is a blog written by a submissive male who is a playmate of another blogger, that can be found at Ms. Betty’s World. This blog has not been posted on for six months now and so it is time to take it off the roll and say goodbye. Thank you to it’s author for the play reports and other musings and good luck for the future.

Warning sporadic posting possible

My dog (who is a lurcher) is sick and he is getting on a bit (nearly 16 years). He has had two emergency operational procedures this week and I am having to keep a close eye on him. I love that lurcher and if I have to spend time on him that will take precedence over this blog. So if I miss a post or two you will know why.

Pandora Blake’s project

Pandora Blake is building a collection of spanking clips for her own, proposed site. As part of this project she has posted about a recent shoot that she did involving F/fm spanking. This is most exciting. You can read more about it through this link boys on film.

Spanking Spot Awards

Brushstrokes of The Spanking Spot has started posting his yearly awards. You can see the first two results through these links Announcing the winners of the 2009 Spanking Award for Most Improved Spanking Site and The 2009 Best Facial Expression During a Spanking Goes To!.

Spanking porn ban possible in Australia

Thanks to Chross for pointing this out through his Spankings of the Week. Apparently there is legislation in the pipeline that will ban spanking and other internet porn from being available to the residents of Australia. It was reported in this post No more online spanking in Australia?. For those of you in Australia, fighting this legislation, if there is anything that we bloggers and spankos living outside of Australia can do to help, please tell us what to do. I think that many will be prepared to offer their support.

A Bear Bottom Spanking

This is apparently a toy available in Russia, I think that it is really cute.


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  1. >Sorry to hear that your doggies health isn't so good. We're big time dog lovers here… and we couldn't agree more… enjoy the time you get with your 4-legged friend.:)~Todd & Suzy

  2. >Sorry to hear about your pup's trials, too. Hope the recovery goes well for both of you.Indy

  3. >Thanks Todd, Suzy and Indy, he does seem to be recovering well and is relatively lively, considering his age and what he has been through.Prefectdt

  4. >Thanks for the link and the kind words! I'm hoping I can sustain interest while I get the site live – it's a long way off as yet! But I'm too excited (and too bad at keeping secrets) to keep it all under wraps until then :)Very best wishes for you and your dog this week, I hope the operations are a success.x

  5. >It is a very worthwhile looking project and it is great to be able to follow the ongoing process of development. Thank you.The dog seems to be recovering well at the moment, fingers crossed.Prefectdt


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