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>A Blog Merit Certificate – Goodbyeeee Spectacularly Spanked – A New Book – A Caption Competition – And A Spanking Advert


A blog merit certificate for MarQe ‘s Study

The top blog roll has lost a few blogs in the last few months and so Dr Malford (my fictitious Headmistress) Has been studying my blog reading activities and has decided that MarQe ‘s Study is to be awarded a merit certificate and moved up to the top blog roll.

Goodbyeeee Spectacularly Spanked

Not sure what happened to this blog, I hope that it was deleted by it’s author rather than fell victim to some kind of “Nazi” style blog hunt, any info welcome. This was the blog of a Polish female Top living with her male partner in the USA and although not the most regularly updated blog, had some interesting posts. Farewell to this blog and the best of luck to the couple that it was about.

A new how to book

I believe that this is an E-book, available for download from Bum Rap Productions, from the first of February if it will ever be available in print I do not know. It is by the veteran spanko Tasha Lee. You can read more about this in this post Introduction and New Book Announcement from Ms Lee’s own blog. Thanks to Mitch of All Things Spanking for telling us about this in this post Tasha Lee on spanking.

A Caption competition

No prizes for this one but it is of a very interesting, vintage photograph. The competition is being run by Richard Windsor and can be found in this post Caption this great picture!!!!!.

Probably the worlds lamest spanking advert

Well I thought that spanking could sell anything but after seeing this I am not so sure anymore. Why these people did not get some real spankos in to do this I do not know. Suggestions for a more appropriate spanko duo are welcome.


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