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>Haiti – 3 Goodbyeeees – A Blog Coming Back – A New Blog For The Rolls – And A Bare Back Flogging


Donations for Haiti via many Blogs

As always the kinksters have been sending up flairs in response to the disaster in Haiti. There are many organizations needing your cash and many different ways to donate, so I thought that I would do a list of posts, that I have seen and let you choose the best way for you to donate. My choice of organization will be at the end of the list.

Haitian Relief Effort – Spanking Minnesota
Haiti Earthquake – Donate Now! – MarQe’s Study
Let’s pause to help in Haiti – All Things Spanking
Please help … – Devlin O Neill
Please Give. Every Little Bit Helps. –
Heartbreak in Haiti – A Spanking Good time (NO MONEY REQUIRED, DONATION FROM CLICKED ON SPONSOR)

My choice is
Donate for Haiti | Oxfam International
Oxfam had teams on the ground a long time before the earthquake and look like they will still be there a long time after the cameras have gone. They have a good idea of how things work localy and had four water distribution centers working whilst most aid was still stuck at the airport. That link will take you to a page that will direct you to a choice of donation pages in many languages. A link to this page will be added to the side bar (on the right) for the next two weeks.

Goodbyeeee Punished Butts, Well Spanked Man, and The Daily Toast.

Punished Butts – A very commercial but interesting blog that ran for a long time but no posts have been made here for over 6 months.

Well Spanked Man – A blog from a semi professional F/m couple about them and their friends. This blog has also not been posted on for more than 6 months now

The Daily Toast – From a recently returned blogger this was a very dynamic and interesting blog. This blog now has protected entry.

Farewell to all three blogs and good luck to their owners for the future.

Welcome back Spectacularly Spanked

I do not know what happened here but Spectacularly Spanked disappeared and I said goodbyeeee to it in This Post. Now it has reemerged and it will be put back on the roll.

A new blog for the roll

YEOWCH Blog 2010 – This blog is a great mix of all stuff spanking and is well worth checking out and so is being welcomed to the second blog roll.

Anyone fancy a bare back BEAR back flogging


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  1. >Hey SH,Thanks for the kind words and link for my blog, Yeowch. Much appreciated. You have a fun blog here. Exactly the type I like.

  2. >Thanks Ian, I am enjoying Yeowch very much, it is a lot of fun.Prefectdt


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